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The suffering of the children 996

China“Culture 996”, working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 6 days a week, was previously only used at work, now applied in learning.

Recently, a controversial video appeared on Chinese social networks. In the video, while doing homework, the 11-year-old boy suddenly slapped himself on the cheek. The sound of slaps echoed throughout the room, making the audience feel sad.

“Why does a child have such a behavior that hurts himself?”, many people asked.

The boy in the clip is a 5th grader, preparing for the passing exam. That day, because I couldn’t do my homework, I felt stupid, so I slapped myself in the face. In front of the boy, on a bookshelf hung a sheet of paper with two sentences written in large letters: “My parents worked hard, I can’t be lazy. If it’s not their fault”; “If you don’t study well, you won’t get into a prestigious university. That means your life is over…”

Many parents share, after watching the video, they can see the learning burden that the children are carrying. “In heavy classes, the children’s backs will always be bent,” one mother commented under the video.

Not long ago, a mother in Shanghai shared her daughter’s story on her personal page. The 9-year-old girl suffered from severe hair loss leading to baldness. At first, the mother thought that because her child lacked nutrients, it should be supplemented with delicious foods. However, the girl’s hair still did not improve, on the contrary, became increasingly bald. Taking her child to the hospital, the mother was surprised when the doctor diagnosed that this was not natural hair loss, but the girl herself pulled it out.

“Stressed study pressure, coupled with strict attitude from parents, week-long school schedule… makes her stressed. Pulling her own hair becomes the only method to relieve stress”, the doctor said. shared psychotherapy.

Peking University psychology professor Xu Kaiwen once said that children today are born in honey and raised in greenhouses. As parents’ expectations are higher and higher, children’s ability to cope with the outside world is lower and lower.

A 9-year-old girl whose hair went bald due to her habit of plucking herself to relieve study pressure was shared on Chinese social media, March 2022.  Photo: sohu

A 9-year-old girl whose hair went bald due to her habit of plucking herself to relieve study pressure was shared on Chinese social media, March 2022. Photo: sohu

There is a question on the Zhihu Q&A site: “Children with poor academic performance, what will happen in the future?”. A parent shared the documentary “Bad Student” of Korean broadcaster EBS, produced in 2019.

One of the main characters of the film is Hong Sung-ho. Since childhood, the boy was always busy playing, always being commented as a poor student. In 11th grade, Hong told her mother that she wanted to become a professional gamer. The mother thought, if forcing her children to study culture is useless, it is better to support what Hong likes to do. She always encouraged me: “Go ahead, you will win the championship”.

In 12th grade, Hong participated in many professional tournaments but failed miserably. At this time, he felt guilty for his mother’s trust, so he changed his attitude to learning culture. Hong rushed to school every day, the next semester was second in the class. To the university entrance exam, he received a 4-year full scholarship of a prestigious university.

A study shows that some children before the age of 15 have a slower brain development than their peers, so the “ability to wake up” in learning is weaker. At the age of 15, when dopamine (a neurotransmitter that increases concentration and creativity in humans) increases, the learning ability of these children is also much brighter.

“In the past, even though our children did poorly in school, we never yelled at or forced them. Education Children need patience. Slowly, you will receive a surprise gift, “Hong’s mother shared.

Hong Sung-ho (right hand) in a talk about his achievements at a university in Korea, 2019. Photo: sohu

Hong Sung-ho (right hand) in a talk about his achievements at a university in Korea, 2019. Photo: sohu

From the case of Hong Sung-ho, psychologist Tu Khai Van affirmed: “The best education is to give children choices back”.

17 years ago, a documentary by China Central Television called “Grade 12” also mentioned a student named Chung Sinh Minh. The boy in his senior year at that time was typical of a weak student, just like gaming.

Even so, in 11th grade, Chung made hundreds of thousands of yuan making his own games and became the first student in his class to use a mobile phone. This story reached the principal’s ears, and he almost got expelled. “If you don’t study, you will be stuck in the game all day, will you be able to save it in the future?” This teacher scolded his student.

A few years later, a game production company invited Chung to be its deputy general manager. With the experience gained, after leaving the company, Chung started a business and became a young self-made millionaire. In a talk with students at a university in Shanghai, the businessman shared: “If you can’t become an excellent student, you should find your strengths to pursue. Find the right path. Unification with oneself is the highest acquisition of education”.

The businessman said, each child is unique and parents should not apply a certain standard to measure them. “The Parents should know their child’s special abilities in areas other than school. Parents should find the right path to properly develop and support their children,” shared Chung Sinh Minh.

Albert Einstein once said: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

As a parent, there should be no single measure of a child’s success. Accept the shortcomings to find the most suitable way to support the child. In this way, every child can become a useful talent.

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