Things that only exist in movies that we all think are real

Whether it is an epic action movie, a Christmas movie or a horror movie about space invaders, Hollywood movies always make a big impression on many people. so many fictional details that we always believe to be true.

1. Air conditioning ductwork is one of the easy ways to break into buildings

Things that only exist in movies that we all think are real - 1

Surely among us, everyone has at least once seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop, with the main character being the hero Mall Cop played by Kevin James (in both the 2009 and 2015 movies). However, the footage shows that even though he has a somewhat overweight body, he can still get through the ventilation pipes of the mall.

However, the actual ventilation ways are not like what we often see in the movies, in large buildings, the air conditioning and ventilation system may be as large as in the movie, but it has a lot of space. obstacles such as blowers. In addition, its structure is not strong enough for adult men to move smoothly in it, so if you move in it, you can fall at any time.

Furthermore, there is a lot of dirt and debris inside the vent, and it can seriously affect your respiratory system, so you probably won’t get a chance to go outside if you’re curious. Try going inside and see what it’s like.

2. You can run faster than a giant explosion

Things that only exist in movies that we all think are real - 2

The “run away from an explosion” scene is always one of the impressive highlights of every action movie. Heroes like James Bond and Jason Bourne are often seen as being able to weather deadly explosions with relative ease.

In real life, explosions often contain explosives like TNT or C-4. Such materials cause explosions when they combine with oxygen. Let’s take C-4 as an example. When ignited with a fuse, it ignites and releases a lot of gas with great force.

These auras engulf the surrounding space in a split second and explode, in an explosion powerful enough that it can blow away people, trees, cars, and everything else in its path.

So can you outrun a blast in real life? The answer is no! But it can also depend on your distance from the blast and how fast you run. In the event of a C-4 explosion, the gas is released at an exceptional speed of 26,400 feet/s (about 8km/s), and devours everything in its path. Therefore, if you are at a distance from the explosions like the main characters in action movies, you will certainly not be able to escape.

3. It takes seconds to knock someone down with a chloroform rag

The chloroform rag is a common weapon used in Hollywood movies, and its function is to render the target unconscious or knock out a person in a way that is not life-threatening.

A chloroform cloth is placed over someone’s mouth, and the person is unconscious within seconds. In fact, everything goes in the opposite direction. House’s science estimated that it would be nearly impossible to incapacitate someone in this way.

In fact, chloroform could be used to knock people unconscious, but it would take at least five minutes from inhaling the substance directly from the sheets.

4. The pin of a grenade can be pulled out with the mouth

Things that only exist in movies that we all think are real - 3

We’ve certainly seen this scene in many movies, where the main character pulls out a grenade, then pulls its pin out with his teeth and throws it at enemies that are rushing towards him. However, such strange things only happen in movies because they are almost impossible to happen in real life.

Although the styles of grenades vary, it is a high-damage weapon that is no joke to pull the grenade pin with your teeth. When using hand grenades, soldiers need to use proper grip and technique to make it work. Furthermore, depending on the grenade model, the pull required to remove the pin can vary.

For example, the Russian F1 grenade requires 17 pounds (almost 8kg) of force to pull the pin. The standard American M67 grenade weighs about 7-11 pounds (3 – 5kg). Therefore, you can use your hands to pull the grenade pin, and using your teeth is too dangerous for the user’s life. so in real life, nobody does that.

5. You will be drowned if you fall inside a volcano

Things that only exist in movies that we all think are real - 4

For those of you who’ve seen Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, you’ll probably still remember the final scenes of Gollum, where he’s engrossed in running after the ring and is engulfed in a bubbling lava pit.

However, the fact that a person falls into a lava pit is not at all like what is shown in this movie. Experts say that molten lava isn’t like water, so it doesn’t behave in the same way that a person dropped into water.

In fact, lava is three times denser than water. Meanwhile, our bodies are mostly water, so lava possesses a greater density than human bodies. According to the laws of physics, a human will float on the surface of molten lava and not sink.

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