Top Pop Acoustic Covers Love Songs 2022 – English Acoustic Guitar Covers Of Popular Songs Playlist

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[00:00:00] – Easy on me
[00:03:57] – Slowly lower me
[00:06:46] – La La La
[00:09:39] – ELI – WISH NOW WERE LATER
[00:12:08] – Someone like You
[00:14:44] – So far away
[00:17:34] – Symphony
[00:20:01] – I’m the one
[00:24:59] – All too well
[00:30:16] – Bring away
[00:33:24] – Wild love
[00:36:00] – Losses
[00:39:42] – Everyone
[00:41:59] – Montero
[00:44:13] – the middle
[00:47:00] – Saved
[00:49:38] – Be all right
[00:52:53] – reality
[00:55:40] – Before you go
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