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US sanctions President Putin’s ‘money holder’

The US punishes the money holder of President Putin - Photo 1.

Mr. Sergei Roldugin (left) in a photo taken with President Putin in 2009 – Photo: AFP

According to the sanctions announced on the website of the US Treasury Department on the evening of June 2 (Vietnam time), Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Roldugin’s wife and businessman God Nisanov are also on the list. black book.

Mr. Sergei Roldugin, a cellist and artistic director of the St.Petersburg Music Theater, is said to be a close friend of President Putin for more than 40 years. Roldugin is also godfather to one of the Russian leader’s two daughters, according to AFP news agency.

However, according to the US, outside of Russia, the artist Roldugin is one of the important links to help manage Putin’s assets abroad. In that role, Mr. Roldugin is sometimes referred to as Putin’s “middleman” or “money holder”, according to AFP.

In addition to individuals believed to be close to Putin, the United States also added to the list at risk of confiscation four luxury yachts that they believe Putin often uses.

Imperial Yachts, a Monaco-based yacht management company, is also on the sanctions list, citing its help with Russian oligarchs and elites to rent, use and manage yachts.

On the same day, the US Department of Commerce also put about 70 Russian companies on a list that prevents them from obtaining important US technologies and goods.

Currently, Russia has not commented on the new US move. The Russian leader has been blacklisted by the US since the early days after Moscow sent troops into Ukraine.

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