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WATCH OFFF PENTA I WATERED | LoL Transfer Moments #852

Welcome to a brand new episode of LoL Broadcast Moments! I try to put fun, funny and playz clips together. The names you’ll generally see in this series are: Elwind, Levo, Rogu, Stansfield, Leylünehar, Thaldrin, Crystal, Ragner, Madness, Pear, Holyphoenix, and Broken Blade, as well as many well-known names that I’m trying to get new publishers involved in the videos. You can send the clips you want to send to my email address or through our discord server. To share clips: [email protected] (clips should be sent as a link). For collaborations: [email protected] (Only corporate emails are accepted). For clip sharing and non-promotional matters: [email protected] Outro Music: Whales ggnoaa – Paranoia [NCS Release]

Don’t forget to join our discord server!: 00:00 Pear 00:23 Linus 00:51 Fab 01:10 Crystal 01:32 Creed 01:50 Holy 01:58 Dzukill 02:09 Levo 02:38 Gosu 02:51 Mrplank 03:10 Pear 03:24 Fab 03:49 Ragner 03:59 Lars 04:10 Crystal 04:26 Bausffs 04:51 Creed 05:24 Levo 05:41 Fab 06:10 Gosu 06 :26 Vladevour 06:39 Holy 06:49 Pear 07:17 Crystal 07:37 Linus 07:51 Levo 08:21 Closing and comments of the day


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