What projects have helped Binh Duong leave Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City at the top of the list in terms of FDI attraction in the first 5 months of the year?

The latest report on the socio-economic situation in the first 5 months of 2022 of the General Statistics Office shows that, as of May 20, 2022, the total registered foreign investment capital into Vietnam includes registered capital. newly granted capital, adjusted registered capital and value of capital contribution and share purchase by foreign investors reached 11.71 billion USD.

In which, if considering the number of projects, City. Ho Chi Minh City is the leading locality with 233 licensed projects in the period from January 1 to May 20, 2022. Following is Hanoi with 118 projects, registered capital of 91.7 million USD. Other provinces in the top 10 are Bac Ninh with 38 projects, Hai Phong with 30 projects, Binh Duong with 26 projects…

However, in terms of FDI capital, Binh Duong still ranks first in the country in terms of newly licensed FDI capital compared to the first quarter of 2022, with a registered capital of about 1.7 billion USD. Second is Hai Phong with a total registered capital of about 494.4 million USD of 30 projects. Following are the provinces of Long An, Tay Ninh, and Ho Chi Minh City, respectively. Ho Chi Minh…

What projects have helped Binh Duong leave Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City at the top of the list in terms of FDI attraction in the first 5 months of the year?  - Photo 1.

It can be seen that, in the first 5 months of the year, Binh Duong is the only locality that has recorded a newly registered FDI capital of over 1 billion USD. Even, the amount of newly registered capital in Binh Duong is 3.6 times higher than the second ranked locality, Hai Phong.

So which project has put Binh Duong ahead of other localities in the race to attract FDI?

Accordingly, the project with the largest investment capital is the Danish Lego project, with a total investment of over 1.3 billion USD, accounting for 54.7% of the total investment capital in Binh Duong. In addition, in mid-May, Pandora Group, a Danish jewelry brand, signed an agreement to build a new jewelry manufacturing facility in VSIP 3 Industrial Park with a total investment of over 100 million USD to build the facility. The first manufacturer in Vietnam, meet 60 million jewelry products per year and create jobs for more than 6,000 people.

The project is expected to start construction in early 2023 and start production by the end of 2024. This is Pandora’s 3rd facility in the world, and the first production facility built outside of the country. Thailand.

In addition to the above two corporations, Binh Duong also attracts many large-scale and high-quality projects such as: Binh Duong smart city development cooperation support service project (USD 500 million); Gamuda Land Binh Duong Co., Ltd.’s real estate project ($54.8 million). Notably, the VSIP III industrial park project with an investment capital of 285 million USD (where the factories of 2 corporations from Denmark are located).

At meetings and working with investors from Denmark, discussing solutions to effectively attract investment cooperation projects to contribute to the rapid and sustainable development of the province, Mr. Vo Van Minh, Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee, affirmed that the locality continues to implement the motto of always making efforts to stand side by side with businesses and investors. The province always creates favorable conditions for foreign businesses and investors to do business effectively and long-term.

According to the newly released Provincial Competitiveness Index 2021 (PCI 2021) report, in 2021, Binh Duong is the locality with the best results in the PCI Infrastructure Index 2021. Specifically, Binh Duong is the leading locality in the Top of the localities with the highest PCI Infrastructure Index 2021 in the country with a high assessment of industrial park infrastructure and road infrastructure.

Currently, Binh Duong is continuing to build the image of a safe investment location for domestic and foreign investors. The province always listens to and promptly resolves difficulties and problems, creating favorable conditions for investors, including Danish investors, to operate effectively in production and business. hut-fdi-5-hang-dau-nam-20220603094432102.chn

According to Giang Anh

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