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Who is the most shameless of the great heroes of Luong Son?

In “Water Margin” there are a total of 108 great heroes on Luong Son mountain, they all have unique personalities, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they carry the righteous heart, carry the ambition for the people for the sake of the people. country. Each of them seemed to be extremely angry with the court, always confronting the court, wishing to be able to overthrow the corrupt court of the time.

The most shameless of the good heroes Luong Son - Photo 1.

In “Water Margin” there are a total of 108 good-hearted heroes on Luong Son mountain, each with their own unique personality, but all of them have a righteous heart. Photo: Sohu

However, as the leader of the great heroes on Luong Son mountain, Tong Giang never wanted to overthrow the court from the beginning. On the contrary, he was also very protective of the court, thinking only of one day being able to be recruited by the court.

Primordial damage

After a while of trying, Tong Giang was finally satisfied when he was recruited by the court, then devoted and sold his strength to the court. In fact, Song Jiang didn’t know that the court was just taking advantage of them. After that, the court continued to send Tong Giang to bring his brothers to punish Phuong Lap. In that great war, the strength of the two sides could be said to be on par with each other, so the fighting was extremely fierce, many good men of Luong Son died or were seriously injured or disabled in that battle.

Even though they won in the end, Tong Giang and his brothers also suffered serious damage to their principles. The brothers who survived, few had a happy ending in the end because the court just wanted to destroy them.

Vo Tong

In fact, the good heroes on Luong Son all opposed to the secret, submitted to the court, it was only because everyone followed Tong Giang that they did it against their own will. Because they did not want to continue selling their lives to the court, many good men chose to stay away from Tong Giang and the typical character in it was Vo Tong.

As everyone knows, during the time of fighting Phuong Lap in the TV series “Water Margin”, Phuong Lap was captured by Vo Tong. Vo Tong established a great success but did not want to continue to follow Tong Giang, so in the end he still resolutely left, but Tong Giang did not hold back.

Yen Thanh

It is worth mentioning that Lang Tu Yen Thanh later also left Tong Giang, must know that he is always loyal to Tong Giang. He even actively advised Lu Tuan Nghia to leave with him, but many times advised, Lu Tuan Nghia also refused to go, helpless, Yen Thanh had to go alone.


In addition to Vo Tong and Yen Thanh, there is also a good man who always cannot accept submission to the court, that person is Su Bin. Although he agreed on the outside, he always thought in his heart how to overthrow this corrupt court. Soon after, he surreptitiously allied with the Kim country, intending to take advantage of the Kim country to accomplish his goals, but in the end still failed, even being scolded by people.

Therefore, Tong Giang’s acceptance of the court’s summons was not really a wise choice, it could even be said to harm all the brothers on Luong Son.

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