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Xiaomi TV screen detaches itself from the frame

At least two cases of Xiaomi TV screen panels were recorded when they were being used, even though they were not subjected to any external impact.

Above Weibo On May 28, an account said that LCD panels on TVs Xiaomi suddenly separated from the body and broke.

The Xiaomi TV panel splits by itself and falls to the floor.  Photo: Weibo

The Xiaomi TV panel splits by itself and falls to the floor. Image: Weibo

In the next post, this account said that Xiaomi contacted him, recalled the device and refunded the full amount. The Xiaomi representative also announced that the panel release is a rare case. Specific causes are being determined.

Just a few days later, on May 31, another Xiaomi TV broke the screen. In the video shared on Bilibili, the background of the large TV set at the front desk has popped open and fallen.

Zhao, the TV owner, said he bought the device on an e-commerce site more than a month ago. Two days earlier, he noticed that the panel showed signs of slightly separating from the TV body, but pressed it back then.

Mr. Zhao’s Xiaomi TV dropped the panel. Image: Bilibili

According to a representative of the e-commerce platform where Zhao made a purchase, the TV had a screen error due to being too old, and offered to replace the product with a new one. However, he disagreed because he had just bought the product.

On June 1, Xiaomi acknowledged the problem. According to the company, “a small number” of EA70 TV models have screen leakage problems. These products are in the batch produced from February 14 to March 20. The company says it will offer replacement or on-site maintenance and will extend the warranty by two years.

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