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📦 Sugafari American Way of Life 🚀

Now he also eats in the intake! Yes, even a Yeti gets hungry and in this unboxing I’ll test the taste of the product directly, namely the contents of the Sugafari bags! In this episode you can get the Sugafari bag American Way of Life Sugafari: ————————– ——————– ► Rocket Yeti on Twitter ◄ärmeten_Yeti ► Rocket Yeti on Twitch◄ https://www.twitch .tv/raketenyeti ———————————————- Yeti – Talk: Yeti – Unboxings: FM 2019 Tutorials: https: // The Wandering Yeti (Journeyman FM 2019): ———— ———————————- ‘Woot The Funk (Why Not)’ by Chris Huelsbeck, used under a royalty-free license, please visit for more info!


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