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3 taboos with women’s private areas, many people think good and harm “little girl”

Saturday, June 4, 2022 14:00 PM (GMT+7)

Cleaning and taking care of the intimate area is very necessary for women, but if done incorrectly, it will cause many health consequences.

Surprised when the vagina is dry because it is so clean

For women, proper intimate care is very important, not only contributing to avoiding infection but also helping to sublimate sex. On the contrary, if the wrong care will leave many dangerous consequences.

Doctor Le Thi Kim Dung – In charge of the obstetrics and gynecology clinic (Thai Ha Occupational Health Center, Agricultural Hospital) said that she has received many cases to visit because there is a problem in “the little girl”. , the main cause is due to improper care and hygiene.

Dr. Dung cited the case of a 24-year-old girl named H. in Hanoi who went to a gynecological examination because each time she had sex, she often had burning pain. For a young, unmarried girl like H., it is quite rare to experience dryness during sex.

3 taboos with women's private areas, many people think good and do harm "girl"  - first

Many cases are young but the vagina is dry due to bad habits when cleaning. Photo: Le Phuong.

“When examining, I was quite surprised when the outside of this girl’s vagina was like a piece of beef jerky. With such a situation, when sex is painful, it is understandable, “Dr. Dung shared.

The girl said that she had never had any inflammation, itching and had never used vaginal medication before. Regarding hygiene habits, H shared with the doctor that she is very clean, every time she goes to the toilet, if conditions allow, she washes the private area directly, after having sex, she also washes it immediately, not using a tissue.

“I usually use the hose directly into the vagina because I think the strong water pressure will clean it better. In addition, I often wash the inside with my hands to avoid infection,” H told the doctor.

Listening to the patient share, Dr. Dung diagnosed that the cause of vaginal dryness is the above hygiene habit.

Taboo when taking care of “little girl”

According to Dr. Dung, in the process of intimate hygiene, women need to absolutely avoid the following 3 taboos:

Use a high-pressure hose to clean

In fact, initially using a spray can create a feeling of excitement and excitement. However, it is the strong water pressure that will change the pH of the vagina, “cleansing” all the beneficial bacteria, even pushing impurities deep inside to cause inflammation. If this is done for a long time, it can affect the vagina.

3 taboos with women's private areas, many people think good and do harm "girl"  - 2

Using a nozzle to clean the private area is a mistake many women make. (Illustration)

Insert fingers or tools for deep cleaning

This can upset the vaginal environment, disrupt bacteria, easily lead to infection, and even scratch the inside of the private area.

Arbitrarily prescribe medicine when you see that “the girl” is itchy, dry, or has discharge or mucus

“When the private area has problems, it is necessary to be examined directly by a doctor, do not arbitrarily order drugs because this is also related to the cause of the disease, the appropriate dosage… In case of overdose, it can cause serious health problems. dangerous side effects, or cause drug allergies”, Dr. Dung recommended.

For safe and effective hygiene, according to doctors, women should gently wash the private area after each time going to the toilet and having sex. Should use cotton underwear, should not wear too tight…

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