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4 uterine fibroids in a 30-year-old woman

Ms. N. was admitted to the hospital with severe pain in the lower abdomen, when she went to the hospital, the doctor discovered 4 masses fibroids relatively large size. Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, General Hospital of Quang Ninh province performed a dissection and preserved uterus for the patient.

According to her family, Ms. N. had previously discovered uterine fibroids for many years. Because she did not see any impact on her health, she subjectively did not check regularly.

Recently, Ms. N. felt pain in her lower abdomen, when she felt a lump, she urinated a lot at night, so she went to the General Hospital of Quang Ninh province to be examined. The results of ultrasound and tomography showed multi-size fibroids in the uterus. Doctors diagnosed the patient with multiple fibroids and ordered surgical removal of the fibroids.

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The uterus was preserved, and the fibroids were successfully dissected.

The surgical team of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was led by BSCKI Tran Thi Huyen, Head of Department, in charge of coordinating with the Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation to perform surgery to remove tumor nodules. The laparotomy surgeon checked and found 4 fibroids in different positions in the uterus, with a large size of 3-5 cm.

The surgical team skillfully dissected 4 tumors and restored the uterine wall to preserve the patient’s uterus after more than 1 hour of effort. Due to the quick treatment, the patient did not lose blood. After 2 days of surgery, the patient’s health is stable, the incision is dry, eating well and walking normally.

Uterine tumor is a familiar disease of women, in the early stages it is often difficult to detect because there are no specific symptoms. Often, patients will find the tumor incidentally on imaging tests. Or when it comes to a certain stage, the large tumor will cause obvious symptoms: abdominal pain, menstrual disorders, always feeling the need to urinate because the tumor presses on the bladder.

Especially the risk of serious complications during pregnancy, such as miscarriage, bleeding … dangerous to the patient’s life. Depending on each case, the doctor will choose the right treatment method for the patient.

BSCKI Tran Thi Huyen said: “Mrs. N. has multiple uterine fibroids that can be treated with many different surgical methods. From the wishes of the patient and family, we decided to open surgery to remove the tumor and remove the tumor. This is the most promising treatment method, because in the uterus of patient N. there is a tumor located close to the mucosa and below the serosa”.

Tumors in this position, if the tumor embolizes the tumor, when it is necrotic due to lack of blood supply, the tumor can fall in the uterus and pose a risk of infection. Moreover, the patient is from an ethnic minority, in a remote area, with a difficult family, so the open dissection method will reduce the burden of treatment costs for the patient.

The patient was young, only 30 years old and had one child, so the doctors decided to keep the uterus to help the patient continue to become pregnant in the future.

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