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9 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Do And You Should

1. Sending Long Emails

Emails need to be short and concise. Write short sentences, focusing on the main content instead of explaining in too detailed, lengthy how the task needs to be done. Mail recipients not only appreciate the accuracy of your emails, but you can save yourself time as well.

2. Passive

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Don’t be afraid to speak up when you need support or have an idea to share. Passivity is really the cause of the shortcomings. When you are always silent, do not dare to actively voice your opinion, you are gradually losing the opportunity to develop. Don’t stand there letting others do things their way. Speak up and make an effective change.

3. Replace “No” with “Never”

Sometimes the answer “no” simply means “not now,” the time is not yet ripe to start a particular project or take on a new idea.

Practicing perseverance through difficult situations means that you have enough determination to overcome them. Once you’ve put in the effort to come up with an idea, it’s less important whether you’re successful or not.

4. Never think about competition

Always learn and update your skills not only to get ahead of other competitors but also to add value to your experience. You need to know what your competitors are doing to overcome or fill in the gaps that are their weaknesses; continuously dig deep to come up with new products, plans or services that excel.

5. Not planning for the future

Planning for the future will help you avoid some of the major career pitfalls. It can be pre-calculation to limit and prevent accidents at work; Imagine situations that can bring success such as preparing to ask for a raise or promotion. Planning for the future gives you the insight and foresight to advance your career.

6. Fear of being a leader

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In fact, your boss went all the way up to where he is today. Cultivate the qualities of passion, honesty, and respect in your journey to becoming a leader. Ask yourself, “What qualities make them the leader they are today?”

7. Not proactive

Being proactive in the workplace means being aware that you are the one who pave the way to your success. You are acutely aware of doors of opportunity as they open or close.

Write down where you see yourself in the next 2 or 3 years. Is it a management position? Or do you want to be somewhere else, in a different field? What steps do you need to take to get there? Write it down and act now.

8. Negative thinking

Perhaps everyone has heard this advice, to think more positively, but it is completely useful, not cliché. Your thoughts drive your actions and positive thoughts drive positive behavior and actions. There is no reason not to think positively. We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can choose to face it.

9. Miss the smallest details

The key point is often in the small details. Attention to detail will help you not miss opportunities when they come and avoid costly mistakes.

For businesses, attention to details can help businesses not lose customers. This needs to be cultivated over time and through practice. You’ll see more bugs detected earlier and rectified before a major error occurs.

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