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An 83-year-old Japanese man sailed alone across the Pacific Ocean

An 83-year-old Japanese man sails alone across the Pacific Ocean - Photo 1.

Mr. Kenichi Horie, the oldest person in the world, sailed across the Pacific Ocean alone

Mr. Horie’s two-month voyage, departing from San Francisco, USA in March 2022, has just ended in the Kii Strait off the west of Japan on June 4.

According to AFP news agency, this is just the latest seafaring achievement in a series of “terrible” achievements of Mr. Horie – a famous ocean explorer.

In 1962, at the age of 23, he sailed from Japan to San Francisco by boat, becoming the first person in the world to sail across the Pacific Ocean alone.

His 1962 Pacific crossing was a sensation as he began the trip without a passport and visa, essentially illegally entering the United States.

On June 3, Mr. Horie updated on his personal blog, saying: “I am reaching the finish line”. He said he was exhausted from fighting for the past three days with the waves.

In April 2022, he wrote on his personal blog sharing 60 years ago, during a voyage on this same sea but in the opposite direction, “I am often worried and stressed because I am afraid of being arrested… Mine was bad then.”

Talking about the current trip, he said “this time, things were different. A lot of people went to see me off and I had their encouragement and support through the tracking system and radio waves. I am extremely grateful.” .

According to his public relations team, the successful solo crossing makes him the world’s oldest person to ever cross the Pacific Ocean – the largest and deepest ocean on Earth.

In addition to his 1962 voyage across the Pacific Ocean, Mr. Horie is also known for his solo circumnavigation of the world in 1974 and his longitudinal circumnavigation (line of longitude) voyage between 1978 and 1982. .

The latest voyage was his first return to sea since 2008. That same year, he sailed from Honolulu to Japan’s Kii Strait in a 9.5-meter-long boat that used the force of the waves.

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