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Apply ginger to your feet and go to sleep, sleep well, live longer

Ginger is a very familiar spice in Vietnamese life. Everyone thinks that ginger is only used in cooking and ignores all of their health benefits.

In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is a widely used medicinal herb with certain high medicinal value.

In Oriental medicine, fresh ginger is also called Sinh Khuong, has a spicy taste and warm nature. Has the effect of dispersing cold, expectorant, often used to cure typhoid and stimulate digestion.

Ginger can be taken advantage of in many simple ways such as: using ginger to fight motion sickness, drinking warm ginger water to dispel colds… In addition, applying ginger to the soles of the feet and then going to bed also has beneficial effects. same miracle. In the feet, there are many important acupoints, related to the six internal organs, smoothly from the inside out. Way Apply ginger to your feet every night Very useful in health care.


3 amazing changes when you rub the soles of your feet with ginger

1. Relieve menstrual pain

The first benefit of rubbing the soles of the feet with ginger is that it can relieve menstrual pain. Rubbing the soles of the feet with ginger stimulates the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet and enhances blood circulation, thereby soothing menstrual pain caused by poor blood circulation.

The use of rubbing the soles of the feet with ginger is very useful for women. However, people need to be persistent in order to feel effective.


2. Remove moisture

According to Chinese medicine, body moisture is the cause of human pathological changes, the “source of all diseases”. The presence of moisture is not only harmful to the health of the digestive tract, causing constipation and diarrhea, but also increases the accumulation of fat in the body, making it easy for patients to gain weight.

The body is too wet, of course, it will reduce the immunity and resistance, the body’s ability to fight diseases is no longer as good as before. To improve this problem, rub the soles of your feet with ginger to remove moisture in the body, which can speed up blood circulation and improve metabolism.

3. Improve sleep

The quality of a person’s sleep is influenced by many factors, including environmental factors, physical conditions, and emotional changes. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, under the influence of age, the quality of sleep has been affected, if the body is not good, the quality of sleep will be lower.

In addition to medication and changes to your daily routine, you can also try rubbing the soles of your feet with ginger to improve sleep. The warmth of ginger can stimulate acupuncture points and accelerate blood circulation, thereby increasing the temperature of the soles of the feet. The increased temperature of the feet will help the body relax, easier to fall asleep.


In addition to rubbing ginger into the soles of your feet, you can also try placing a thin slice of ginger on your navel. According to Chinese medicine, there is Shen Que point on the navel, which can be connected to 12 veins and 5 internal organs in the body. Putting ginger in the navel is a very good way to remove moisture and cold air, help the body be healthier, better prevent disease. The aroma and warm air of ginger will open the meridians, relax the body, stimulate the nerves and thereby help us fall asleep better, sleep more deeply throughout the night.

Note when using ginger on the body:

– Do not apply too much ginger on the skin. If there is an open wound, do not use ginger.

– Combine the habit of regularly drinking 1-2 cups of ginger tea per day to have the effect of clearing sinuses, loosening phlegm, and preventing minor illnesses.

– People with hot organs, mouth sores, constipation … should not consume ginger because it can make the condition worse.

– Although ginger is a good spice, it should not be used much because it can cause wide eyes and live tears.

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