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Beat belly fat after giving birth thanks to these simple ways

1. Control the amount of food

First, let’s control the food intake. This is an important factor to help reduce belly fat effectively. But diet control must be accompanied by eating enough 5 food groups and must pay attention to avoid foods high in sugar or fermented foods, especially mothers who are breastfeeding. If you want to reduce your waist circumference after giving birth, you must control your food intake without being nutritionally deficient.

2. Drink enough water

Beat belly fat after giving birth thanks to these simple ways - 1

Focus on drinking a lot of water because water helps the digestive system to work properly. This is an important issue that postpartum mothers must pay close attention to. Drinking enough water to meet the body’s needs and also help the body produce better milk. In addition, when the baby is breastfed, it also helps the mother’s body burn more calories. This helps to reduce your belly and waist circumference.

3. Morning exercise

Exercise is still an important part of reducing postpartum belly for mothers. However, it is recommended to exercise in the morning because it helps to burn good energy, but it is recommended that mothers only do light exercise after the stitches heal. Mothers can also exercise by walking or cycling. Try to exercise for 30 – 45 minutes will help the mother’s belly firmer.

4. Use slimming pants

Using slimming pants also makes your belly faster because these types of pants help your belly not to sag. But note that using only the right type of pants or belt, tightening your belly too tight can affect your health. And only wear pants when the stitches have healed.

5. Adjust your standing and walking posture properly

Beat belly fat after giving birth thanks to these simple ways - 3

When mother pregnant, the weight on the abdomen is very large. This results in the abdomen protruding forward every time you stand or walk. And after giving birth, you can get used to and still walk or stand in a position with your belly protruding forward. Therefore, walking and standing must be adjusted accordingly. This not only helps to reduce the waist circumference after cesarean section, but also helps to look elegant.

If you are facing problems with your belly, your waistline is too big after giving birth, stay calm. Weight loss is a process of perseverance, try to exercise gently until the stitches are completely healed and you no longer feel pain, then start exercising more. Besides, the diet decides to 70%, limit foods high in sugar and fermented foods, try to eat more fruits, nutritious foods combined with drinking lots of warm water.

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