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As a pioneer in the Program “National Digital Transformation to 2025, Orientation to 2030” in the agricultural sector, in January 2022, MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation launched the Smart Agriculture Platform service. smart mobileAgr.

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Challenges of farmers when participating in market number

According to recent studies, in order to secure food for the world’s population, agricultural production must increase by 60% by 2030. This requires farmers and those in the agricultural sector. adapting to digital transformation trends, using technology as a sustainable resource, taking agriculture to the next level.

Digital technology can enhance decision-making, enable risk management and control volatility, thereby optimizing yields and improving the economic value of the farming process. If in the past, the pure agricultural models used human labor in all stages, from selection, processing, seed cultivation, production management, export… However, this soon revealed many inadequacies in terms of human resources and costs, especially in the context of socio-economic impacts of the epidemic and the environment, making it difficult to improve productivity and product quality. many difficulties.

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Smart agricultural solution MobiAgri accompanies farmers in the Central and Central Highlands.

After many years of experimenting with many different farming models, worrying about doing agricultural economics in the era of technology 4.0, Ms. Tran Ngoc Linh (Bac Giang) has achieved success thanks to the implementation of the model: Agricultural production. clean and safe products in the direction of modernization. As a result, the agricultural products such as lychee, pineapple and longan provided by her farm to the market are guaranteed to be fresh and safe for consumers’ health.

Not only Ms. Linh, but many other farmers are also making efforts to digitalize, starting from changing production thinking, learning models, learning good practices in the market. However, the application of high technology and smart technology towards digital transformation requires large investment costs, but the capital of the people is still limited, it is necessary to have comprehensive solutions in all stages. of the agricultural production process from research, selection and breeding of plants and animals; planting, tending and cultivation techniques; animal feed; fertilizers, plant protection drugs, veterinary drugs; processing techniques, post-harvest preservation… in order to create new values ​​for agricultural products, keep products fresh and safe, improve productivity, and ensure quality standards…

Pioneering solution in agricultural digital transformation

Implementing the National Digital Transformation Program set out by the Government, MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation has launched the MobiAgri Smart Agriculture Platform service with the goal of providing farmers with knowledge and equipment for farming. People actively change their production thinking, creating the foundation for a strong digital transformation process.

Instead of farming according to practical experience, with the mobile Agri platform on smartphones, farmers are provided with the full process of cultivating a crop, and receive timely support through an expert connection channel. Above all, with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, farmers can know the status of crops as well as guide measures to prevent pests and diseases.

mobiAgri application allows users to access official and methodical crop information. The data source on the app is compiled in detail, easy to understand, and easy to use by leading experts on crops. In particular, through the images taken from the application, the AI ​​system will identify the plants and analyze them to diagnose the pests and diseases that the plants are suffering from, thereby making recommendations on how to prevent them effectively.

During use, users can also connect directly with reputable crop experts to receive the most specific advice and participate in the application user community.

The service is consulted, collaborated and accompanied by many reputable experts in the field of crops, such as: Assoc. Dr. Mai Quang Vinh – General Director of Vietnam Digital Economy Cooperative Union, former Director of Technology Transfer Consulting Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Assoc. Dr. Dang Van Dong – Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Fruits and Vegetables; Dr. Dang Ba Dan – Head of permanent office in South Central & Central Highlands, National Center for Agricultural Extension, former Director of Center for Pepper Research and Development; Dr. Nguyen Phi Hung – Former Director of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry R&D Center, Institute of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Forestry in the Northern Mountains.

The special thing about mobiAgri application is the ease of approach. Not only for those who have expertise in the field of agriculture – forestry, customers who need advice on crops, answer questions in farming and farming issues can use mobiAgri when This application provides an in-depth data library on thousands of popular urban and rural crops, giving instructions, planting and care recommendations, detailed information on pests & diseases during plant growth and development.

Currently, when customers experience the mobiAgri application, they also enjoy many telecommunications benefits and exclusive incentives from MobiFone such as: on-net voice, high-speed data, participating in Promotions to have the opportunity to be added. money in account…

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Farmers are familiar with the first agricultural digitization platform in Vietnam that applies artificial intelligence technology and big data in crop care and protection.

The application of high technology to agricultural production over time, especially the application of smart technology devices such as mobiAgri in production, has attracted many people, farmers, and production enterprises to focus on deploying and creating momentum for farmers. the agricultural sector to approach digital transformation faster in the coming time.

Some important and outstanding features of mobiAgri: Use artificial intelligence Support the diagnosis and treatment of pests and diseases. The crop cultivation library helps to look up fast and accurate care techniques. Get direct advice from experts when encountering problems in production. Build a community of plant lovers with the support of experts. Crop weather alerts for accurate production planning.

Customers can download the mobiAgri application at the link: https://mobiagri.vn/app

Instructions to use the app at the link: https://mobiagri.vn/huong-dan-su-dung/

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