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Chasing a suffocating score, Japan U23 struggled to get the first 3 points

Contrary to fans’ expectations, the first half of the match between U23 Japan and U23 UAE took place very boring. Although Japan U23 was the team that took the initiative, the attacks proved too weak and lacked accuracy. On the other side of the front line, the UAE also actively played slowly to calculate for the second half.

Unlike the first half with low professional quality, the second half was an extremely attractive 45 minutes created by both teams. U23 Japan was the team that took the lead after the opponent’s defender missed the ball and Yuito Suzuki easily took advantage of this opportunity to get down and finish off the goalkeeper U23 UAE.

But less than 3 minutes later, U23 UAE had a 1-1 equalizer. Starting from a free kick in the middle of the field, striker Yaser Alblooshi smartly escaped and launched a powerful volley that hit the roof of goalkeeper Suzuki in the surprise of the Japanese U23 defense.

Chasing a suffocating score, Japan U23 struggled to win the first 3 points - Photo 1.

U23 Japan is not too superior to U23 UAE

The next developments of the match continued to make the audience unpredictable. U23 UAE was awarded a penalty when the Japanese defender let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area. However, on the 11m mark, Abdulla Idrees finished too gently and let the goalkeeper Suzuki easily block.

Not taking advantage of the delicious opportunity, U23 UAE had to pay a heavy price right after that. In an unaccompanied position, striker Hosoya easily bounced high to score the goal to raise the score to 2-1. Minutes later, despite great efforts, U23 UAE could not have an equalizer and had to accept the defeat against U23 Japan.

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