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Chich Thuy River is known as the “blood river” when it rains

Changjiang is the largest river in China, and is also known as the gentle mother river, forming the long-standing culture of the country of billions of people.

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For those who like to visit the charming scenery, the two sides of Truong Giang are the choice not to be missed. But you know what? In the tributary of Truong Giang, there is a very special tributary, every time it rains, it becomes a red river. Is there such a miracle?

Chich Thuy – “red river”

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The name of this flaming red river is also very simple, it is called Chishui River, located at the confluence of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces, also famous for many delicious wines.

Why is this river called Chich Thuy? In the past, Xich Thuy river was also known as An Lac Thuy or Dai Thiep Thuy. In fact, there is a legend that when it rains, the water here turns red.

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In fact, this color change phenomenon is not a legend, but has a solid scientific basis. Upstream of the Chich Thuy River, there is a valley containing red soil and rocks. After a long period of weathering, this rock has become softer and more fragile.

When it rains, the river water rises and is mixed with the mud upstream. Because this rock is red, the water will change color as well. Looking from a distance like a red river makes those who do not understand immediately feel a bit creepy.

The name Chich Thuy also came from that. “Chain” in Chinese means red.

The legends of the red river

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There is a very mysterious legend about this river. It was a Dragon King who lived at the bottom of the Chich Thuy River. The day is usually very quiet, but when it comes to thunder and rain, the Dragon King becomes very violent. Whenever the Dragon King gets angry, the river water here will turn red.

In addition to the river changing color, there is another strange phenomenon that every time it rains, many species of centipedes in the area on both sides of the river will crawl out in droves. It is thought that this phenomenon is to prevent humans from disturbing the peace of the Dragon King.

However, according to scientific explanation, rain causes river water to rise, leading to loss of shelter, so snakes and insects living near the banks have to crawl to high places.

The emergence of these legends comes from the fact that humans have no way of explaining some natural phenomena.

Chich Thuy – a place to foster wine culture

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Chich Thuy River is a tourist mecca possessing a unique landscape. After the rain, the river turns red. If it coincides with the moment of sunset, the whole space here will be tinged with a bright red color, creating an extremely beautiful scene.

Visitors to the area on both sides of the Chich Thuy River can learn about the long-standing wine culture and taste a variety of delicious wines.

During the Han Dynasty, residents on both sides of the river knew how to make wine. Up to now, 60% of famous wines in the country mostly come from here. For example, China’s most famous Maotai wine. The main reason why the wine here is so famous: Chic Thuy is the only tributary of the Truong Giang that is not polluted.

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Excellent water quality has brewed many delicious wines, including Mao Dai. Many people believe that even though the water is not polluted, there are still many bacteria and sandy soil in the water, accordingly brewing wine from the water of the Chich Thuy river is unhygienic.

In fact, the color of the Chich Thuy River changes with the seasons. The period from the Lunar New Year (June) to the Tet Trung Duong (October) is the rainy season in the Xich Thuy River, so the river water turns the darkest red with dense silt.

Outside of this time, the river water is still in a clear blue state. People will take this water to make wine after purification and sterilization.

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