Discover the coordinates of the extremely cool MV shooting of singer Quan AP

In particular, the shimmering images in the extremely chill space appearing in the new song are causing young people to have a hunting fever.

Many viewers have realized that the impressive places appearing in the MV are integrated in the urban area of ​​Vinhomes Grand Park – Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc. Many young people are therefore dating to “follow in the footsteps” of the AP Army and experience a tour of this famous place.

Unique white sand beach in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

One of the most impressive scenes in the MV of AP Army is the white sand lake, simulating a romantic beach with blue sky, white clouds, golden sunshine and tropical coconut trees whispering in the wind. This place is a green resort space meticulously built in Vinhomes Grand Park with white sand shipped directly from Nha Trang, and coconut trees covering the entire coast.

No need to travel more than 100km to see Vung Tau beach, people in Ho Chi Minh City can now have a picnic on the beach, enjoy a BBQ party and relax after a tiring working week in the open sea space. the middle of the city.

Discover the coordinates of the extremely cool MV shooting of singer Quan AP - 1

The image of the unique white sand beach at Vinhomes Grand Park.

36ha grand park, the leading scale in Southeast Asia

Prominent in the MV must mention the splendid light poles in the night sky of Ho Chi Minh City. This is the 36ha grand park at Vinhomes Grand Park, inspired by the design of Singapore’s famous Gardens by The Bay.

Exploring the 36-hectare park, all will be comfortably immersed in a modern and convenient space with 15 rich themes, from a play space for children to a nursing park for the elderly. The system of walking paths, cycling along the lake in a fresh, fresh setting under the trees and swimming pool will also be an ideal suggestion for those who love exercise.

Discover the coordinates of shooting MV of singer Quan AP - 2

Photo of Vinhomes Grand Park Light Park.

The Origami Japanese Garden – The perfect paradise to relax

In the MV “Love life more”, viewers are especially impressed with a traditional Japanese space. Those are the pictures at The Origami Japanese Garden – an ideal check-in place for young people and a great place to relax for everyone.

With a total area of ​​up to 8,000m2, every detail in the Origami Japanese garden is cleverly designed and arranged, from the red painted Torii gate, symbolizing the sun, to the Koi pond winding around the Bonsai row. paved path, white gravel border under the green Arhat conifer garden… All create a harmonious, clear, peaceful green space – a perfect place to relax.

It would be a pity to come here and miss the shimmering scenery of thousands of Samurai lanterns lit together in the evening. Leisurely walking in that relaxing space will be a special experience only at Vinhomes Grand Park, Thu Duc City.

Discover the coordinates of shooting MV of singer Quan AP - 3

Photo of The Origami Japanese Garden at Vinhomes Grand Park.

Experience green cars in the heart of the big city

In the new MV of Military AP, viewers can easily recognize the impressive scenes when the image of blue electric buses gently glides under the green foliage, bringing everyone to see the beautiful scenery.

VinBus tram is one of the outstanding utilities for residents of Vinhomes Grand Park. The smooth, convenient, and modern buses departing from here and going to the city center areas have changed the travel habits of many people here.

Discover the coordinates of the extremely cool MV shooting of singer Quan AP - 4

The image on the Vinbus in the MV “Love life more” by singer Quan AP

Immerse yourself in a series of exciting weekend activities

The last scene in the MV is a beautiful fireworks image with a modern sound and light performance like famous international music festivals. That was one of the music festivals that took place at Vinhomes Grand Park.

Discover the coordinates of shooting MV of singer Quan AP - 5

Pictures of the Amazing Grand Park series of events held every Saturday at Vinhomes Grand Park.

Young people who want to immerse themselves in that scene will have many opportunities because from now until July 23, Vinhomes will hold a series of events every Saturday afternoon. In particular, on June 18, singer Quan AP will have a performance right at the Amazing Grand Park event.

With a cheerful and catchy melody, the MV “Love life more” by Quan AP has brought an exciting summer with positive messages for everyone. In particular, the entire scene shot at Vinhomes Grand Park not only creates an expensive and different frame for the MV, but also suggests an extremely attractive, energetic and suitable place for all ages. in HCMC.

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