Discovered the remains of 2,100-year-old ‘Greek goddess’ in the splendid tomb

Archaeologist Areti Chondrogianni-Metoki, Director of the Kozani Archaeological Supervision Agency, described to Live Sciene interesting details about the person lying in the tomb discovered near the city of Kozani, Northern Greece: She was teamed a laurel wreath with gold leaves, with gold threads on it – possibly from a decaying piece of embroidery. This shape is reminiscent of the goddesses in Greek mythology.

2,100-year-old 'Greek goddess' remains discovered in a splendid tomb - 1One of the mermaid symbols is attached to the bed.

She does not rest in a coffin but on a bed elaborately crafted of bronze and wood, with the symbolism of a large bird holding a snake – representing the god Apollo, and images of mermaids winding around. bed legs.

Four clay pots and one glass vase were also placed next to her. Graves dating back up to 2,100 years.

The remains of the “Greek goddess” have been brought to the Aiani Archaeological Museum in Greece. The archaeological team is still analyzing the remains to determine the woman’s health, the exact age when she died.

However, the number of artifacts and the way they were made suggests that she must have belonged to a wealthy family, most likely a member of the royal family.c

Discovered the remains of the 2,100-year-old 'Greek goddess' in the splendid tomb - 2The skeleton was just found.

Little is known about the area where the mysterious woman was laid to rest, but according to ancient texts and scant evidence, it once housed a city called Mavropigo, a sacred site honoring Apollo.

So the discovery of the grave could be an important opportunity for archaeologists to learn more about the value of this mysterious archaeological site, as well as open a window into the world where “Greek goddesses”. lived.

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