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Dispose of the borrower’s body in the river because of a debt of 5 million dong

Thanh HoaLe Van Hoang, 18 years old, lured Mr. Pham Duc Chung to his home, murdered him, and threw his body on the Ma River when he could not repay a loan of 5 million VND, and all contact was cut off.

Hoang was detained by Thanh Hoa Provincial Police on June 4 for investigation murderous actrobbing property, disposing of bodies.

Hoang declared on May 20 that Hoang lent him VND 5 million to Chung, 19 years old, from Thanh Tan commune, Thach Thanh district, agreed to pay in installments within 15 days, both interest and principal. At the appointment, when Chung did not pay, he was blocked from all communications. Hoang was angry, set up a Facebook nick to pretend to be a woman, and flirted with Chung.

Suspect Le Van Hoang.  Photo: CA

Suspect Le Van Hoang. Image: SHIFT

Through this fake account, on the afternoon of May 25, Hoang made an appointment to meet Chung at his home in Quang Thanh ward, Thanh Hoa city. Chung had just entered the yard when the creditor closed the door and threatened to force him to pay. Hoang used household items to attack, causing Chung to lose consciousness.

Seeing the debtor die, Hoang bound his hands with duct tape, covered his mouth, put it in a sack, and hid it under the bed in the second-floor bedroom. Around 22:00 on the same day, Hoang used a motorbike to carry sacks to Ham Rong bridge and threw them into the Ma River. The suspect took the victim’s motorbike, laptop and mobile phone to sell.

Before that, on the afternoon of June 1, people went fishing on the Ma River, which flows through the territory of Hoang Tan commune, Hoang Hoa district, and saw a sack with suspicious signs. responsibility.

On June 3, Hoang was discovered as the culprit.

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