‘Do not be too impatient, the wrong disbursement of one dong also leads to complicated consequences’

On the afternoon of June 4, at the Government’s regular press conference, a reporter asked: Currently, there are many concerns about the progress of implementing the Master Program on socio-economic recovery. Please tell the MPI in detail how is the current progress of implementing this package? There are a lot of problems in terms of procedures, how to solve problems and overcome problems, how difficult is it to speed up this support package?

Answering questions, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Quoc Phuong said that the National Assembly delegates at the 3rd session were very interested in this program. During the socio-economic explanation session, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung and Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai spoke to clarify many details about the disbursement progress of the socio-economic recovery program.

According to Mr. Phuong, the socio-economic recovery and development program is an overall program with 5 main tasks, many of which follow the previous resolutions promulgated by the National Assembly and the Government such as Resolution 30. , Resolution 105. The rehabilitation program was actually implemented right after the National Assembly issued Resolution 43 and the Government issued Resolution 11 in January 2022.

'Don't be too impatient, the wrong disbursement of a dong also leads to complicated consequences' - 1

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Quoc Phuong.

Overall, this program with the amount of 347 trillion VND belonging to all different programs and activities, excluding 46 trillion vaccine programs that have not been used. “Thus, the remaining amount is 301 trillion, disbursed 22 trillion of all different activities. I would like to review 4 programs“, said Mr. Phuong.

According to the Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, the first program is lending through the Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) for social housing tenants. According to the VBSP’s report, it has disbursed more than 4.5 trillion dong of the total planned amount this year of 19 trillion to more than 100,000 borrowers. Thus, the social housing policy lending program has been significantly implemented, and the bank has actively implemented it.

Regarding the third group of activities related to income tax exemption and reduction, which has an impact on fiscal policy. Supported about 11,800 billion VND over 60 thousand billion VND. This tax exemption and reduction policy will be implemented from February 2022.

Fourth, support opportunity cost through tax and land rent extension. In this process according to Resolution 43, the opportunity cost equivalent is about 135 trillion VND with this delay, the impact on the state budget is equivalent to 6 trillion VND.

All in all, the disbursement result so far is 22 trillion dong“, Mr. Phuong informed.

“Don’t be too impatient”

Regarding the 113 trillion dong of public investment, Mr. Phuong said, this amount is made similar to the public investment plan, strictly implemented in accordance with the law, step by step. Now that the first step has been completed, the Prime Minister shall notify relevant ministries, branches and localities the list of projects with a specific amount of money as a basis for approving investment policies. The Ministry of Planning and Investment has issued a guiding document to request the ministries, branches and localities to urgently complete the procedures for approving these investment policies as soon as possible for the Ministry of Planning and Investment to summarize.

After this step, the second step is to summarize the list of projects with approved investment policies and submit them to the Government for consideration, then submit them to the National Assembly Standing Committee for comments before approval. This is a regulation under the Law on Public Investment, Resolution 43 of the National Assembly. This step will be implemented in the third quarter.

Therefore, after allocating the plan, that is, after the National Assembly approves it, the Prime Minister will take the third step, which is to specifically assign the plan, the list of projects, and the amount of capital to the relevant ministries and localities. mandarin. On that basis, step four is that ministries, branches and localities must approve investment decisions in programs and projects in the restoration program. After approving the investment plan, new capital can begin to deploy activities, the disbursement measures are site clearance, construction bidding.

That is the progress as well as the implementation steps in the coming time. We have tried to explain in detail so that journalists can understand the process in public investment that must be done step by step, we cannot cut off any steps, otherwise we will violate the law, which is extremely taboo in the Law. Public investment… We should not be too impatient because disbursement of budget capital is very important, disbursing one dong wrongly also leads to complicated consequences.“, said Mr. Phuong.

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