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Drink iced tea, eat peanut candy, pay with 4.0 technology

Instead of using cash, mobile users can scan a QR code or pay through USSD for even the smallest transactions like drinking a cup of iced tea.

This is the result of the market 4.0 model that has just been organized and implemented by the Thai Nguyen Department of Information and Communications, Viettel and the People’s Committee of Dai Tu District. This is also the first market in Thai Nguyen province to become a digital market with the nucleus of mobile money, a service that allows people to buy, sell, transfer money, and make cashless payments easily and quickly.

After more than 2 months of implementation, more than 300 small traders in Dai Tu market area opened accounts and non-cash payment points. Currently, 70% of small businesses here have made digital payments, 30% of transactions are done by electronic payment methods.

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At Market 4.0, shop owners have switched to using digital payment methods. Photo: Trong Dat

The model of technology market and market 4.0 is considered a strategic step on the way to building and developing a digital society and digital economy in Thai Nguyen province. This model exposes local people to digital technology, promoting the use of cashless payment methods even in daily transactions.

According to Mr. Tran Dang Minh – Vice Chairman of Dai Tu District People’s Committee, up to now, basically sellers and buyers at Dai Tu market have known how to use non-cash payment services. In the coming time, the locality will actively expand this model and promote the increase in the percentage of buyers and sellers using online transactions more.

Exchange with VietNamNetMs. Le Thi Mo – a small merchant specializing in selling ice cream and iced tea in front of Dai Tu market gate (Thai Nguyen) said that she has been using digital payment method for nearly a month now.

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Point of sale ice cream, iced tea accept cashless payment. Photo: Trong Dat

According to Ms. Mo, this service is quite convenient for business and easier to use and manipulate than bank transfer. This is the reason why many shop owners in this area switched to the new payment method when it was introduced.

“About 30% of iced tea drinkers here don’t use cash anymore, but have switched to digital payments,” said Ms. Mo.

Sharing the same opinion as Ms. Mo, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy – a small merchant selling groceries at Dai Tu market said that one of the benefits of digital payment is that the seller does not have to prepare change.

“Sometimes when there is no change available, I have to run to change it everywhere, which is very inconvenient, with digital payments, I don’t need that anymore. My money is not crumpled, the management in the account is also easy,” she shared.

According to Ms. Thuy, most of the customers at her grocery store are workers. Most of them have already switched to use payment number. In general, about 70% of customers of Ms. Thuy’s store have used this form of payment.

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To make digital payments, people at the 4.0 Dai Tu market use the Viettel Money app. There are already many such 4.0 markets deployed across the country. Photo: Trong Dat

Mr. Do Xuan Hoa – Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Thai Nguyen province said that the implementation of the 4.0 market model is the next step to concretize the Resolution on the Digital Transformation Program of Thai Nguyen province.

Market 4.0 helps to increase local economic efficiency, promoting the habit of not using cash. Thai Nguyen people do not need to carry money when going to the market. They will also receive certain incentives and discounts when using the new payment method.

“Thai Nguyen will replicate the market 4.0 model in the whole province. Community digital technology groups will mobilize people to use and install digital platforms in general, including non-cash payment platforms. We will also pay attention to and support the implementation of shared digital platforms in the area,” said Director of the Department of Information and Communications Thai Nguyen.

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