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Driving slowly is also easy to overturn

It's hard to do it too: Slow driving is also easy to overturn - Photo 1.

The image caused a stir in the online community in recent days – Photo: PHAN HUNG CUONG

The story of the Hyundai being overturned on the way down to the parking garage in a building in Me Tri, Hanoi caused a stir in the online community. In the opinion of many people, this is an unlikely event, because the entrance to the tunnel is very narrow, the car runs at the lowest possible speed because it cannot go fast.

Many people expressed confusion: “It’s so hard, but you can do it”, “Still don’t understand why you can’t flip it”…

But there are also some people who pointed out: “It’s new to hit the wall at high speed without flipping, the scratch is still there”, “Looking at the black mark on the other wall, it means that the front wheel has climbed there and then flipped.” .

In fact, there is no shortage of shared video clips showing that even at a very slow speed, the car can still overturn. Such as:

Video: BestCamVids1/YouTube

Hollywood leads many people to believe that hitting an obstacle at a tremendous speed can cause a car rollover. However, in real life, just a little speed combined with inadequate processing is enough to get into trouble.

According to Autoevolution, according to common sense, cars have the ability to self-balance to help avoid unfortunate overturning phases. But in some cases, such as in the videos above, the front wheel of the rear vehicle “climbed” onto the vehicle in front, the imbalance was so great that the vehicle easily flipped.

That’s because while classic cars use thick steel, modern cars with metal and plastic shells are designed to absorb the impact of a collision, plus mishandling, like the Honda Civic in the car. The first video has encroached on the left, creating more conditions for the car to easily lose balance and overturn.

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