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Earth was almost knocked out of the galaxy by a monster black hole?-Information Technology

Scientists have just identified a new, extremely creepy behavior of monstrous black holes that could cause worlds like Earth to be destroyed “from the cradle”.

According to Space, the “reverse space-time” research led by Dr. Kei Ito from SOKENDAI (University of Advanced Research – Japan) scoured data from the archives of the Survey Agency. Cosmic Evolution (COSMOS) to find the world of early galaxies.

COSMOS is a huge data store created by observations to distant regions of the universe by a series of the most powerful telescopes such as Subaru located in Hawaii, Very Large Array located in New Mexico, Hubble Space Telescope of NASA and ESA’s XMM-Newton X-ray Telescope (European Space Agency).

Earth was almost thrown out of the galaxy by a monster black hole?  - first

The monster black hole is completely powerful enough to destroy its galaxy by heating or blowing away molecular clouds, which contain the “seeds” of stars and planets – Photo: STScI

The team observed galaxies that existed between 9.5 billion and 12.5 billion years ago. This “past observation” is because the galaxies are so far away – 9.5 billion to 12.5 billion light-years away – that the images take about the same amount of time to reach telescopes. .

They also look for X-ray and radio signals from active black holes.

Something scary was noticed. According to an article published in The Astrophysical Journal, some monstrous black holes – the supermassive black holes located at the center of galaxies – instead of functioning as a heart of that galaxy, destroy the galaxy itself. river.

Instead of going through massive star-forming processes, stars will give birth to planets… like how the Sun and Earth were born in the Milky Way, in those ill-fated galaxies. , everything was “still dead”.

Black holes don’t actually “swallow” the seeds of stars or planets, but snuff out their birth in the first place.

Stars form when cold molecular clouds of hydrogen collapse, fragment, and condense. In the ill-fated galaxies, its monster black hole emits intense radiation from the matter swirling around, heating up the molecular clouds and preventing it from collapsing, condensing to form stars, or even blowing up. these gas clouds out of the galaxy.

Such galaxies become “red galaxies”, with a small number of stars remaining, long-lived but cold and deadly.

Most galaxies are unfortunately extremely large elliptical galaxies, one of the oldest forms of galaxies in the universe.

Like all galaxies, our Milky Way spiral also possesses a monstrous black hole called Sagittarius A*. Fortunately, although it is very strong and aggressive, it has evolved like the majority, helping the Milky Way to keep the strong star formation process, the “seeds” of the Earth are in place, not blown away out into interstellar space.

Sagittarius A* is currently “hibernating”, though occasionally awakens and swallows some unfortunate things near it.

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