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Economy in 5 months achieved positive results in all fields

On the morning of June 4, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired the regular Government meeting in May 2022. At the meeting, Government members all agreed that although the world situation continued to be complicated, inflation, commodity and input material prices, especially oil prices increased, but Socio-economic situation in May and the first 5 months of the year continued to recover strongly, achieving many positive results in most fields.

Opinions at the assessment session: in May and the first 5 months of the year, the macro-economy was stable, inflation was controlled, major balances were secured, most fields increased compared to the previous month and same period. Generally, in 5 months, state budget revenue is estimated at more than 57% of the estimate, up 18.7% over the same period in 2021; import-export turnover increased by 15.6%, the economy had a trade surplus of 516 million USD; Industrial production index of the whole industry increased by more than 8% and total retail sales of consumer goods and services increased by nearly 10% over the same period. Meanwhile, in 5 months, there were nearly 100,000 new and returning businesses, the highest ever, while international visitors increased by 350%. The indicators show that the decision to reopen the economy from March 15 is correct and timely.

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Up to now, the central government and localities have spent nearly 81 trillion dong implementing policies to support nearly 50 million turns of workers and other subjects. The comments also assessed that we have successfully and safely organized the 31st SEA Games. Vietnam is also one of only two countries in the Asia-Pacific region that has been upgraded by credit rating agency S&P. long-term national responsibility to BB+, “stable” outlook. In May, Vietnam also jumped 48 places, from 62nd to 14th in the Nikkei Asia COVID-19 Recovery Index, thanks to results of disease control, vaccine coverage and reopening and recovery. economy. This is the largest increase in the country.

After listening to 13 enthusiastic discussions and concluding remarks, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that the above positive results are thanks to the timely and wise leadership and direction of the Central Committee. Politburo, Secretariat, headed by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, the supervision and companionship of the National Assembly, the drastic management of the Government and the Prime Minister, the involvement of the whole system politics, governments at all levels, the agreement, support and active participation of people and businesses, the support and help of international friends. These results also contribute to strengthening and strengthening the trust of people, businesses, friends and international partners.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that besides the achieved results, there are still some limitations, difficulties and challenges related to the world situation, epidemics, sharp increase in inflation, high input material prices. The stock market, corporate bonds and real estate have potential risks, bad debts tend to increase, disbursement of public investment has not been improved, life of a part of people is still difficult, natural Disasters, rains and floods have complicated developments… After pointing out the objective and subjective reasons, some agencies, units and heads have not been really drastic and proactive in solving the problem. The Prime Minister said that he had assigned the Ministry of Home Affairs to develop documents to institutionalize the Party’s policy on encouraging and protecting dynamic, creative, dare to think, dare to do, dare to make breakthroughs for the common good.

Economy in 5 months achieved positive results in all fields - Photo 2.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired the regular Government meeting in May 2022. Photo: VGP.

Regarding the key tasks in June and the coming time, the Prime Minister requested to continue to control the disease well, promote vaccination according to the goals set by the Government. Along with that, closely monitor and firmly grasp the international situation on inflation risks, prices, supply chains, input costs to have suitable solutions; focus on reviewing and perfecting institutions, documents and policies in order to remove a number of obstacles and bottlenecks in planning, public investment, and national target programs. In particular, in the implementation of the economic recovery and development program, the Prime Minister requested the ministries and sectors to soon issue guiding documents related to decentralization for localities and appointment of contractors. problems related to construction materials, forest land, rice land… that many localities recommend.

The Prime Minister emphasized the task of continuing to maintain macroeconomic stability, control inflation, and ensure major balances of the economy.

The Prime Minister asked the ministries, branches and localities to identify disbursement of public investment capital as a key task, synchronously implement the economic recovery and development program, and promptly remove obstacles. The Prime Minister also proposed accelerating economic restructuring, developing digital government, digital economy and digital society, promoting green transformation and climate change adaptation. Regarding the equitization of enterprises, the Prime Minister said that it is necessary to re-evaluate the actual situation and implementation over the past time, develop appropriate programs, objectives and solutions, and report to competent authorities for consideration and decision. determined to promote this work to ensure efficiency, help businesses develop, not lose state assets, do not lose staff.

The Prime Minister requested the effective implementation of social security and social welfare policies; well prepared activities of gratitude for Invalids and Martyrs’ Day; focus on implementing policies to support rent for employees.

Paying special attention to a number of issues related to education and health, the Prime Minister asked ministries, branches and localities to focus on removing difficulties and obstacles, ensuring medicines, equipment and medical supplies. medical care for medical examination and treatment, thoroughly grasping the spirit of those who do well and have merit, encourage, honor and reward, those who do wrong must be dealt with. Well organize the national high school exam and university and college admissions, ensuring safety, seriousness and quality. The Ministry of Education and Training carefully considers and is very careful in formulating an appropriate tuition fee adjustment roadmap, based on reality, in line with the interests of the State, organizations and students, ensuring protect people’s lives during times of difficulty. The Prime Minister also assigned the Ministry of Education and Training to assume the prime responsibility for, review and research solutions suitable to problems related to textbooks in the direction of facilitating, saving, reducing costs, and ensuring legitimate interests. of students and parents. This is also a matter of great concern to the National Assembly deputies.

Regarding the subject of history, right at the regular Government meeting in April, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Education and Training and relevant ministries and branches to listen to the opinions of the people, historians, experts and experts. scientists, researchers, summarizing practice with a spirit of humility, curiosity and responsibility on that basis, receiving opinions to adjust accordingly, what is not appropriate must be studied, Adjust now.

The Prime Minister also requested to focus on promoting anti-corruption and anti-corruption work, especially in areas prone to negative events, speeding up the investigation of corruption cases and cases; strengthen inspection and examination, tighten discipline, strictly handle violations, and at the same time, focus on handling backlog and weak problems and projects that have lasted for many years.

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