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Exam for 10th grade Math: Note the types of lessons that are easy to lose points

Currently, 9th grade students nationwide are in the “sprint” phase when there is only a short time left before the entrance exam to grade 10 will take place.

Learn review tips and notes when taking the 10th grade Math exam in Hanoi, PV Infonet had an exchange with Mr. Bui Manh Tung – Math teacher at Trung Vuong Secondary School (Hanoi).

Tips for reviewing Grade 10 Math: Types of lessons that are easy to lose points need to be noted
Mr. Bui Manh Tung – Math teacher at Trung Vuong Secondary School.

Reporter: Through a number of exams for 10th grade, many students shared that in the Math exam, there were some types of “scores” but the candidates often made mistakes. What advice would you give to students who are about to enter this important exam?

Mr. Bui Manh Tung: In the exam, there are a number of areas where students are prone to negligence and regrettable loss, mainly due to subjectivity, sketchy presentation or not carefully considering the specific conditions of the problem. You should note:

First, the expression contains the square root

Any value of the variable x when replacing the expression, or when finding to satisfy the problem’s requirements, must be considered to satisfy the given definite condition.

Second, the real problem

– When placing hidden must have full conditions and units.

– Algebraic expressions when established must be based on the basis of the problem (in words)

– All expressions must have units

– It is necessary to pay close attention to the factors fast – slow, more – less, before – after, general – especially when quantifying into expressions and equations.

– Determine how the elements in the actual geometry correspond to the quantities in the calculation formula before applying the formula.

– The approximation and taking of results should strictly comply with the requirements in the problem. Note that the approximation/approximation is only taken in the last calculation step.

Third, the system of equations

– Pay attention to the specified condition.

– The system of equations of the minor unknowns is not equivalent to the original system of equations.

– Clarifying the substitution step / algebraic addition step.

Fourth, quadratic equations, lines and parabolas

– Determine the correct equation of the intersection coordinates.

– Do not confuse geometric elements (intersection, intersect etc.) with algebraic factors (number of solutions, delta…)

Fifth, plane geometry

– Pay special attention to the correct application of the properties and telltale signs of inscribed quadrilaterals (summarized on pages 101, 102, 103 of the 9th grade math textbook, volume 2).

– When using knowledge outside the official textbook content, there should be explanations and proofs.

Reporter: In your opinion, how should students arrange their study time and practice questions effectively? Is it possible to “get a high score if you stick to practice a lot”?

Mr. Bui Manh Tung: Arranging study time is a job that plays a very important role in the review process of students. They need to determine this “finish” review period, it is very necessary to arrange a scientific timetable to ensure health.

The secret to reviewing Grade 10 Math: Types of lessons that are easy to lose points need to be noted
Teacher Tung with students.

Students should not stay up too late, should not study continuously for too long, but need alternate complementary activities to balance both physical and mental health, ensuring the best state for the exam day. Besides, the scientific practice of the topic plays an extremely important role.

Certainly, at this stage in the classroom, the teachers have given them practice with many synthetic questions, simulating the official exam questions that they are about to face. Timing and doing these topics is a very necessary preparation and practice for the children.

Because in the actual exam room, in addition to knowledge and capacity play a decisive role, other non-specialist factors such as psychology, time management and distribution, layout and layout presented on exam paper .. . will also greatly affect the results.

Those elements can be practiced and improved a lot through practice. However, in order to practice effectively, students need to ensure the following 4 factors:

– Do not do too many topics. After each exam question, you need time to review, reflect, learn from the things that are not good, and review the content that is not stable. That is the real meaning of the practice. In the last 1 month, you should do about 15-20 questions is reasonable.

– Select good quality questions, accurately simulate the structure and level of the official exam. Making topics with content outside the scope of the exam, too difficult or too easy, too long or too short… all make the practice, measurement, and experience lose meaning.

– You should have a teacher to directly evaluate your mock test, or rely on the official marking answers for the teacher. They do not judge by their own feelings.

– Refer to the official exam questions of previous years. This is an open source, very standard and of high reference value, because each official topic is always the product of a very reputable professional committee and has strict working requirements.

Reporter: What do you want to tell students before the upcoming 10th grade entrance exam?

Mr. Bui Manh Tung: One interesting thing about the algebra section of the exam is that most of the algebra and real-world problems can be retested when retrying directly on the test. Please take a very, very short time to do that.

It’s really a pity if I know how to do the test, have knowledge, but shorten it wrong just because I made a mistake, make a wrong equation just because I misread one data, put the wrong sub-hidden just because of wrong conversion, etc. those errors are detectable as soon as you retry the results. Don’t just recheck the test, retest the results.

Draw a sketch before drawing on the test. This will not take much of your time, but will help you align your drawings well when drawing on the test. Sometimes, the successful drawing, clear, beautiful layout has helped them get 25% of the lesson.

Good health, calm down, believe in yourself, and good luck!

Thank you for the chat!

Hoang Thanh

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