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‘Fast learning model do early to meet market needs’

According to Mr. Vu Chi Thanh – Principal of FPT Polytechnic, any student after graduating from secondary school can learn a trade to promote their forte and have many job opportunities.

Share with VnExpressMr. Vu Chi Thanh said, the current model of High School and College is no longer merely vocational training as before. This program ensures students have the necessary cultural qualifications, and at the same time, helps students develop the right forte, early access to the desired career.

– In your opinion, how has the concept of vocational training in Vietnam changed compared to before?

– In the past, vocational training was a last resort, often prejudiced only for weak students, whose academic ability was not suitable for studying too many theoretical subjects. Currently, this is the direction to follow the wishes and needs of families and students.

Gen Z (born 1997-2012) has conditions to approach new trends, be more dynamic and proactive. Therefore, you can decide to pursue the field you love. At the same time, vocational training schools also have investment, practical content close to reality, theoretical teaching methods to inspire learners, so they also gradually remove the original prejudice.

In general, the purpose of training at all levels is to help young people have a solid career. If the streamlining of vocational training is well done after secondary school, students will have more choices to decide on the most appropriate learning path, ensuring the future.

– What is the problem with the training model of High School, College – Vocational Training right after graduating from secondary school in Vietnam?

– In terms of advantages, the orientation of student stream is gradually getting attention. This is also a common trend in countries with advanced education in the world. Determining the threading rate not only helps students stay on track, but also reduces the pressure of job competition and the unemployment rate.

However, the long-standing tradition of learning is still important in the “experimentation” periods, so changing attitudes still needs time. Recently, parents and students have also gradually realized that studying culture to take the high school exam and graduate from college at the age of 21 or majoring and graduating from college at the age of 19 will be equal choices. and is determined by the wishes of the family and the student.

Mr. Vu Chi Thanh - Principal of FPT Polytechnic College.  Photo: Character provided

Mr. Vu Chi Thanh – Principal of FPT Polytechnic College. Image: Characters provided

Specifically, with the model “learn fast do earlyNow, at High School – FPT Polytechnic, students can learn both cultural and physical subjects, have aptitudes and switch to majors when they are “mature”. The personal development program helps limit weaknesses, promote strengths and have many opportunities to show their own qualities.

In addition, young people can join the Community of High School Students – FPT Polytechnic in 12 provinces and cities, 13 campuses across the country. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a degree from FPT Polytechnic College, and have job opportunities because the school has good connections with businesses.

– How does the changing needs of the labor market affect human resource training, especially in the post-Covid-19 context?

– Covid-19 has created many 4.0 habits for people, everyone is fluent with smart devices, shopping, entertainment, learning… through the Internet, so job opportunities are associated with factors. “digital transformation” will be jobs with good income policies. At the same time, these jobs are quite scarce.

In addition, the vocational training environment also needs to pay attention to this factor, creating conditions for students to be digitally converted to adapt quickly when they graduate.

For example, each specialized subject at FPT Polytechnic College has enterprises participating in the development and appraisal of the program framework to ensure that the knowledge and skills students learn closely match the actual labor needs. In fact, businesses are also very supportive of this activity because it helps to reduce the re-training time for candidates.

Specialized subjects are implemented in the form of project-based training. At that time, our students will embark on solving part of the actual work to complete the subject content. From there, young people can accumulate experience and have products to prove their ability later.

In addition, the school also has seminars to share practical industry trends from businesses, an annual “Job Day” event to interact with the company early. FPT Polytechnic is also one of the few career training environments that make soft skills a core subject for students to confidently integrate into businesses.

– How does the model of “fast learning do early” adapt to the needs of today’s youth?

– Gen Z can now research their favorite field in advance. In addition, in the first semesters, students can participate in a Career course with conversations with lecturers, alumni and businesses of each training discipline to clearly visualize the work they will do when they graduate. out of school.

FPT Polytechnic College operates with the motto of taking the student experience as the center. To ensure the best learning quality, students need to complete cultural subjects, then focus on moving on to the specialized stage.

When studying cultural subjects, children learn by interactive educational methods, unleashing creativity, expressing personality to become more confident. Methods of assessing learning capacity are also diversified, including: project learning, video recording, painting, presentation… In parallel, the school reduces the time to study theory, promotes the demonstration of the strengths of the students. self.

In fact, with these jobs, FPT Polytechnic has the rate of students having jobs right after graduation is 97.7%. Among the training majors at the College level in the past 12 years, we have selected 4 fields of scarcity of young human resources, sensitive to trends for training right after 9th grade, which are: Information Technology (Information Technology) Major in Software Applications), Business Administration (Specialization: Hospitality Management, Business Administration) and Graphic Design.

– Many people think that vocational training after secondary school in Vietnam is like “riding a horse to see flowers” – similar to a long-standing form of supplementary vocational training. What do you think about this?

– Today’s information explosion society helps children who are young but still very talented, so choosing “apprenticeship” as mentioned above is a choice. They also actively find an environment for them to promote their strengths, train them to be confident with their hobbies and passions. In order to have a good source of students, vocational education centers need to improve the quality of training. It is “rapid horse riding” to keep up with business requirements and technology development, not “riding a horse to see flowers”.

– Training program at High School College – What’s different about FPT Polytechnic?

– After three years and eight months of training, we will provide human resources at the age of 19. In order for them to be able to confidently go to work, the training program is equipped with skill subjects that are scientifically arranged in each class. period. In the dynamic learning environment of FPT Education Organization, learners will have many experiences right from the first days of school, personalizing their learning so that they feel comfortable and actively learn.

The specialized knowledge given to students is also new content. They practice up to 70% to gain experience. In addition, students will have good expertise and skills.

All faculty members are introduced to an environment of respect for the individual, advanced sessions on innovative teaching methods, and sharing with psychologists each semester. From there, this team can understand the psychology, respect the learner’s experience and strictly follow the principle of “taking the learner’s experience as the center”.

– What is the plan of FPT Polytechnic in the future?

– In the coming time, FPT Polytechnic will continue to improve the quality, focus on creating jobs for learners close to the career trend and market. At the same time, we strengthen international cooperation to train modern programs of countries around the world in Vietnam, at the same time, we advocate to expand campuses in provinces. Thus, post-secondary students will have more choices of quality training programs of FPT Polytechnic with appropriate tuition fees.

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