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Female lawyer “caused fever” after Johnny Depp trial

Video of the confrontation of female lawyer Camille Vasquez at the trial between Johnny Depp – Amber Heard attracted nearly a billion views.

Johnny Depp's attorney Camille Vasquez.  Video: Reuters

Camille Vasquez read Johnny Depp’s final argument during the confrontation session on May 27. Video: Reuters

Follow USA TodayNot Johnny Depp or Amber Heard, Camille Vasquez is the brightest star in the trial between two famous Hollywood actors. The 37-year-old female lawyer is a great contributor to the actor Pirates of the Caribbean won more than 10 million USD against his ex-wife. She played the role of questioning Amber Heard and the actress’s witnesses, as well as reading his final argument in the movie. adversarial session May 27th. In the past, Depp hired Vasquez to represent him in two trials with former attorney Jake Bloom and manager Joel Mandel.

Camille Vasquez (right) hugs Johnny Depp to celebrate after the trial.  Photo: USA Today

Camille Vasquez (right) hugs Johnny Depp to celebrate after the trial. Image: USA Today

Vasquez became a character admired by Johnny Depp fans after convincing arguments and questioning. Many people praised the charisma and eloquence of the female lawyer. In a video that has garnered more than 31 million views on TikTok, viewers pointed out that Vasquez had successfully used his right to protest 12 times with a witness of Heard in just 10 minutes, leaving the person confused and unable to continue. give clear testimony in the presence of a jury.

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The female lawyer also confused Amber Heard with questions about the actress not keeping her charity donation, self-disclosure of evidence of abuse to the media… After questioning sessions, many experts identified the case. The case was completely tilted in Depp’s favor when Amber Heard revealed to have told many untrue things before the judge and jury.

When reading the final argument of Depp’s side in the argument session on May 27, Vasquez pointed out the most unreasonable point in Amber Heard’s testimony that no witness directly related to the story would go to court to confront, in addition to the actress’s sister. Most of the stars’ guests Aquaman are professionals who did not work with Depp or Heard during their marriage. Others are employees, friends or ex-lovers who had a feud with the actor before dating Heard.

Every day, when going to the court with the actor, many Depp’s fans shouted the female lawyer’s name: “We love Miss Camille!”. Andrea – a TikTok user with the account @b.andrea111 wrote: “As a final year Latina woman at law university, I am excited to see Camille Vasquez in court. I would love to meet and say she is an inspiration. great inspiration for me and many other young Latinos.”

Vasquez’s popularity has also made her alma mater a lot of attention. According to the statistics of the website about education EruderaSouthwestern Law School – where she attended – increased 1,820% of searches after videos of female lawyers caught attention on social networks.

Camille Vasquez was born in San Francisco, USA, of Cuban and Colombian blood. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006 and the Southwestern Law School in 2010. For the past four years, Vasquez has worked at Brown Rudnick – a famous law firm with headquarters in many countries such as the UK, USA, and France. … In 2021, she gets the magazine Best Lawyer Voted “one of the most promising lawyers of the year”.

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