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Flights are continuously delayed, guests linger from morning to afternoon at Tan Son Nhat

Passengers taking a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi were worried because their flight schedule was delayed three times in a row. They were forced to wait for their flight from morning to afternoon at Tan Son Nhat airport.

At 3pm on June 4, the area of ​​lobby B of the domestic terminal of Tan Son Nhat airport was crowded with passengers to complete the procedures.

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Congestion at area B, where Vietjet airline check-in in the afternoon of June 4
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Passengers wait in long queues, waiting for hours to check-in

In front of the check-in counter of Vietjet, passengers lined up in a long line. Observe, the electronic boards at the ticket counters show black color. Passengers check in almost all manually, so it takes a lot of time. Although Vietjet’s staff is strengthened, working at full capacity, but it is not enough.

Long line of customers, step by step to check-in at the counter. In the evening, the number of visitors flocked more and more. Passengers continued to wait in long queues to check-in.

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People check-in at kiosks
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Luggage is packed in front of Kiosk check-in to check in

Many guests said that they arrived at the airport on time to check in, but were shocked when they learned that their flight schedule was delayed. Some people are a few dozen minutes late, some are a few hours late.

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Arriving at the airport, passengers panicked because they received a notice of a late flight schedule
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Many flights are delayed up to several hours, so passengers lie around in the middle of the airport
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Passengers sit in the middle of the airport waiting to check in
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The electronic board informs that a series of Vietjet flights are delayed
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Almost all flights are delayed, customers have to wait in line to check in

Waiting from morning to late afternoon still… waiting

While the outside is overloaded, the inside of Tan Son Nhat airport also happens to be choking. A series of flights delayed the chain flight, causing serious congestion of customers. All waiting seats are full, passengers have to lie down in the middle of the station lobby, creating a disheveled image.

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The waiting seats, the aisles inside the airport are packed with people
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Inside Tan Son Nhat airport, the waiting area for boarding is crowded

At 4 p.m., in front of the plane exit inside the waiting area of ​​the domestic terminal, it was packed with people…

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Flight VJ134 was delayed three times
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All passengers on flight VJ134 are very upset

Accordingly, Vietjet announced through the speaker system that it was first delayed until 12 o’clock, then 14 o’clock and then announced that it was delayed until 16:35 to fly. However, passengers were bewildered because it was not clear if this announcement was the last time?

Most passengers on flight VJ134 said they were very upset. They think that Vietjet side needs to be responsible and operate with prestige, can’t let passengers wait tiredly, lie down waiting to fly at the airport from morning to afternoon.

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Passengers waiting to fly at Tan Son Nhat airport. Children cry because the waiting time is too long, tired
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Passengers sitting in the middle of the airport, dirty pictures
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The scene of overloading the waiting area due to a series of Vietjet flights being delayed

As VietNamNet reported, from June 3 to this afternoon, Vietjet’s check-in system malfunctioned, causing a series of flight delays and thousands of passengers waiting to fly at Tan Son Nhat. The failure of the check-in system caused a series of flights to be delayed, leading to congestion.

As of 11:50 am this afternoon (June 4), the airline has made 27 flights, but all flights are delayed.

Currently, the management unit of Tan Son Nhat airport has asked Vietjet to proactively re-arrange the flight schedule when the flight is delayed, notify the airport operator early for management, reasonable arrangement and most importantly, notify the airport operator. Let passengers know when flights are delayed, avoid getting on the airport early, causing congestion.

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Vietjet check-in system malfunctions, thousands of customers are stuck in Tan Son NhatFrom last night to this afternoon, Vietjet’s check-in system malfunctioned, causing a series of flight delays and thousands of passengers waiting to fly at Tan Son Nhat.

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