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Food deals help fill the fridge on hot days

On hot summer days, many women are afraid to go out on the street. But at home, but still want to eat well, the sisters immediately find the food and drink deals and order it, nothing more!

Deal to fill the fridge on a hot day

Milk tea makes life sweeter

Milk tea is definitely a wardrobe staple for many women, right? Who can refuse a cup of sweet milk tea? If you are lazy to order milk tea, choosing the one you make at home is also fine.

Nestea milk tea is inspired by the land of Taiwan, the birthplace of the famous milk tea. Nestea milk tea has an attractive mild brown sugar flavor combined with the rich taste of milk to create a delicious cup of brown sugar milk tea. I’m sure the sisters will fall in love.

[Box tag giá] – Nestea milk tea brown sugar flavor

Delicious and irresistible durian

Durian Dubbed the king fruit because of its seductive aroma, sweet taste, mixed with fat. With this fruit, whoever likes it will definitely be “addicted”. There are many different durian varieties in the world and in Vietnam, there is a variety of durian Ri 6.

If you are a durian lover, try to refer to the trays of split durian from “Durian King”. Products are professionally packaged with quality assurance that will surely make you satisfied.

[Box tag giá] – Ready-to-use Ri6 Durian

Cherry captivates people

Cherry, also known as cherries, is a fruit that is loved by many people. Cherry with round and red like a pearl, very attractive glitter, bite into succulent, sweet and sour taste. Cherries have many good uses such as beneficial for the immune system, eyesight and skin, making deep sleep or good for the brain because the fruit contains anthocyanin antioxidants.

You can use cherries to eat fresh or can make syrup, jam or use to decorate cakes, fresh ice cream… So please buy a few pounds and store them in the fridge, ladies. !

[Box tag giá] – American Cherry

Delicious and greasy cheese tart

Tart is one of the most famous cakes in the world. The cake has a small shape with a light crispy crust and a delicious, slightly sweet taste inside. There are many different types of tarts but the most prominent is probably the cheese tart. The greasy feeling of the cake mixed with eggs, cream and cheese will make you fall in love.

You can buy ready-made cheese tarts and keep them in the fridge and they’ll still be delicious!

[Box tag giá] – Cheese tarts

Abalone adds color to meals

Abalone has long been considered a dish for kings and royalty. Abalone is appreciated for its ability to increase vitality, beautify skin, brighten eyes and many other advantages.

Now we can easily buy abalone and process it into many delicious dishes for the family. This is also a way for sisters to exchange dishes for the family’s rice tray.

[Box tag giá] – Korean abalone

A little beer with “chill” added

Finally, don’t forget to add a few bottles of beer in the fridge, ladies! There’s nothing like having a cold beer on hot summer days. No need to go anywhere on the weekend, just the couple with some delicious food and a can of beer is enough to be happy.

Tiger beer will be a reasonable choice especially when there are good deals on Lazada. Sisters can refer.

[Box tag giá] – 24 cans of Tiger beer 330ml

What are you waiting for without putting these food deals in your shopping cart? buy-he-chat-choi-20220603213736326.chn

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