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Ford electric cars will only be sold online

Ford's electric cars will only be sold online - Photo 1.

Ford CEO announced that its electric cars will only be sold online, with fixed public prices

According to USA Today, Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley said that all of Ford’s electric vehicles will move to online sales, fixed list prices, and door-to-door delivery to customers.

“We have to list prices clearly and without negotiation. We have to conduct sales 100% online. There will be no car dealership, cars are shipped directly to customers. And customers 100% pick up and deliver goods remotely,” said Ford CEO.

Currently, this sales strategy only applies to Ford’s electric vehicles. It is not clear if the company plans to implement this sales strategy for other auto products.

Farley sees an auto dealership, or in other words a physical vehicle sales location, as an opportunity to gain an edge over competitors, but dealers must grow further and dealers can can do that. According to the Ford CEO, Ford’s car dealership standards “will be very high”.

The model of listing and selling cars at a fixed price has been tested by many dealers and car manufacturers. It was Tesla who showed that a successful carmaker can fully rely on fixed-price sales. The electric car maker EV also pioneered an online ordering system that major automakers are currently struggling to set up. If Ford is to become a major player in the field and take advantage of what Farley sees as a historically important market share, the company must adapt to give customers what they want. . Right now, Ford estimates that for each car it sells, it costs $2,000 more to deliver each car than Tesla.

The company also intends to drastically reduce the cost and scale of advertising for its electric models. “If you see Ford doing an electric car commercial during the Super Bowl, sell our stock,” he said.

Previously, the CEO of Ford of America believed that the electric car market would soon enter a price war, with electric car models priced at $25,000 (nearly 600 million VND) coming soon. And to get ready to compete in this impending “price war,” Farley says Ford is poised to cut distribution and advertising costs.

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