France deploys new generation nuclear attack submarines

In a post on Twitter, French Army Minister Sébastien Lecornu announced that the first new generation of nuclear attack submarines called Le Suffren had been put into service since June 3 at the naval base located at the base of the French Navy. in the city of Brest.

France deploys new generation nuclear attack submarines - 1

French nuclear submarine Suffren.

Le Suffren is the first in a batch of 6 new generation nuclear attack submarines built under the Barracuda program, ordered by the General Department of the French Army to be manufactured by the Naval Defense Corporation with a total value of 9.1 billion euros.

Le Suffren submarine has a length of 100m, weighs 5,300 tons, can dive to a depth of 350m for 70 consecutive days. The ship has a capacity of 65 people, is equipped with cruise missiles to attack land targets with a range of up to 1,000 km.

The submarine Le Suffren will have the main mission of collecting information as well as escorting aircraft carriers and missile submarines containing nuclear warheads. The new-generation Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarines will have almost twice the specifications of the Rubis-class submarines currently in use by the French Navy, the Naval Group said.

The French military also sets a target that by 2030, the Barracuda-class submarines will gradually replace the Rubis-class submarines that have been in service since the 1980s. French Minister of the Army Sébastien Lecornu confirmed, nuclear attack submarines The new generation of personnel will strengthen the ambition and power of the French Navy in the world’s seas.

According to sources, since the conflict in Ukraine broke out, France has doubled the frequency of operations of submarines armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday also ordered the country’s defense industry to increase its weapons production capacity to offset the amount of aid to Ukraine and ensure the independence of France.

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