Gen Z is free to experience travel with the form of pay later

The most obvious is the appearance of more and more novel tour chains aimed at young people with more flexible payment methods. In which, the form of travel first – pay later is being interested by Generation Z recently.

Gen Z changes the concept of tourism

Different from previous generations’ views on tourism, Gen Z lives a more active and experiential life. The idea of ​​You Only Live Once (YOLO) has a profound effect on Gen Z, boosting the spirit of discovery and motivating Generation Z to participate in trips when given the opportunity. But this group of customers has a preference to choose products that are personalized and meet their needs over “massive” products, suitable for all audiences. Here are a few forms of travel that are designed with Gen Z in mind and have become a trend that many other customers love as well.

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Tourism “green”

As a generation especially interested in a green lifestyle, Gen Z not only loves environmentally friendly products, but also loves being immersed in nature to experience new things and challenge themselves while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. not affect the land they pass through.

To meet that demand, more and more trekking tours – hiking activities are organized. In addition to seeing the majestic scenery, discovering unspoiled places, trekking participants also get a sense of excitement when conquering the dangerous roads of the trip.

Travel on a personalized tour

According to a report by GlobalData titled “Thematic Niche Tourism Research”, updated in 2022, shows that tourism that meets specific needs or is personalized to suit customers’ lifestyles is rapidly increasing, especially for Generation Z and Millennials. These can be trips that combine yoga or wellness retreats, or they can be trips focused on adventure, adventure or a vacation with in-depth sessions. about cuisine.

Short and impromptu travel

Gen Z tends to be quite spontaneous. They can decide to travel as soon as they see attractive destinations on social networks or are recommended by close friends, from influencers – KOLs. Therefore, Gen Z often wants to travel right away to satisfy sudden inspirations rather than long-term, prepared plans like other generations.

Generation Z often chooses package tours for 2-3 days on weekends. It can be seen that this comes from the fact that Gen Z has just started working and has a high “moving” mentality, so they often take advantage of the available days off during the week to quickly explore the desired destinations. Besides, the economy is not yet abundant, which is also a part that makes Gen Z limit long-term trips.

Thinking “open” about travel first – pay later

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Gen Z is starting to take advantage of pay later for their travel. (Photo:

It is the changes in Gen Z’s perspective on tourism that travel agencies now make more changes, from the way tours are designed, to find places, to adding new forms of payment. New payments, like travel first – pay later. This is a form where travel agencies associate with banks or apply financial technology to help users pre-book bus tickets, airline tickets, hotel rooms, tours, … and pay later. with low interest rates from 0%. Thanks to this connection, Gen Z is no longer worried when they want to travel but their pockets have not met in time or need to save time to have enough budget for the trip.

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The Kredivo app has a simple registration process and fast approval.

One of the applications that is receiving attention recently must be mentioned Kredivo Vietnam – Fintech from Indonesia. Application Kredivo The registration process is quite simple. Users only need to provide basic information, ID/CCCD photo,… to complete the profile and wait for the system to approve, no need for income proof information.

With the convenience that the form of travel first – pay later, the young generation, especially Gen Z, will have the opportunity to travel and experience more while ensuring affordability, reducing financial pressure. mainly in the period when the economy is not yet abundant.

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