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Google kills important apps on Android phones

Since Android 12 came out almost a year ago, Google removed the Android Auto mode for the phone screen and replaced it with the “Driving Mode” feature of Google Assistant or Google Maps.

However, up to now, Google has widely announced to completely close the Android Auto application to the phone screen.

When users of Android 11 and earlier open the app, they’ll see a brief message, like this: “Android Auto for mobile screens will be discontinued soon.”

Google kills important apps on Android phones - Photo 1.

When opening the Android Auto application, the screen of the phone running on Android 11 will announce that the application will soon stop working. Photo: TNW

In fact, the application is still usable for now, but the above message will reappear every time it is activated.

In a statement with 9to5googleGoogle also confirmed the death of the Android Auto app but did not provide any details on when it will officially stop working.

“For those using Android Auto on supported vehicles such as cars, that experience will continue with a major improved version of the user interface. For those using the mobile experience ( Android Auto mobile app), they will be switched to driving mode with the Google Assistant, which is our next evolution of the mobile driving experience. ” – the Google statement said.

Google kills important applications on Android phones - Photo 2.

Google is shutting down the Android Auto app altogether. Photo: TNW

Basically, this means that users can still use it when buying a car that has the built-in Android Auto application. Otherwise, you’ll have to switch to the Google Assistant’s driving mode if you’re using your phone.

The Assistant driving mode has certainly come a long way since its debut. It combines Google Maps and Assistant – both of which integrate multimedia applications. It looks more modern and can more or less handle the same things as Android Auto.

However, Google Assistant is still not quite running as smoothly as Android Auto. To enable it, users will need to enter their destination into Google Maps. This is not always necessary and optional in Android Auto.

Bang Hung (According to 9to5google)

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