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Happy marriage is closely related to men’s sleep

To have a meeting happy marriage Men may just need a good night’s sleep. This is a statement drawn from a new study published in the journal Family Psychology.

Researchers at Florida State University found that people who sleep 7-8 hours a night are less likely to think too much about the negative aspects of their relationship. Getting enough sleep restores function in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls self-control, which is thought to enhance people’s perception of a relationship.

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There were 68 newly married couples participating in the study. They recorded their sleeping habits for a week. They were also asked to write down their feelings about their marriage and how arguments would affect their marriage. From there, the researchers assessed how satisfied the participants were with their sex lives, how much time they spent together, how much they loved each other, and how they resolved arguments. .

The results showed that husbands who got enough sleep at night had a more positive view of their marriage. Even when arguing with their wives, they still think positively about marriage, as long as the night before was a good night’s sleep.

In addition to sleep quality, sleeping position is also an expression of marital happiness. According to experts, if the sleeping wife often occupies most of the bed, it shows that she is the one who tends to be the head of the family. The wife can completely solve everything on her own without the help of her husband.

Meanwhile, the man lying on one side of the bed is usually the one who doesn’t like competition and is very condescending. This husband has no opinion and often follows the opinions of others.

This position shows that the relationship of the couple is not very passionate, so sooner or later they may encounter some difficulties that make their feelings more and more distant.

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Besides, going to bed together at a fixed time is also a really useful habit for the husband and wife relationship. Currently, for many reasons, couples often “out-of-phase” during bedtime. For example, work is too much, one of them does not feel sleepy at that time, has a habit of sleeping late…

Many people share that going to bed irregularly, on time and together will make the relationship between husband and wife gradually become cold. So make a change immediately, the couple should have a fixed bedtime. It’s best to come to an agreement first. For example, at that time, if the bedroom lights are turned on, the other person will understand that it is time to put everything aside, go back to the room and lie down next to your partner.

If these habits are established and maintained for a long time, married life will always be close and interesting when they have more intimate and intimate opportunities.

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