In which case when changing from ID card to CCCD with chip, the number remains the same?

Before the chip-mounted CCCD card was deployed, people usually used one of three types of identification documents: 9-digit ID card, 12-digit ID card and barcode CCCD.

Clause 2, Article 19 of the CCCD Law stipulates that the CCCD card number is an individual identification number.

According to Article 13 of Decree 137/2015/ND-CP guiding the Law on CCCD, the personal identification number of a natural number sequence consists of 12 numbers, of which 6 numbers are the birth century code, gender code, and year of birth code of the company. population, province code, centrally-run city or country code where the citizen was born and 6 numbers are random numbers.

Thus, if people are using 9-digit ID card, when they change to CCCD, it will be changed to 12 numbers. For the case of using a 12-digit ID card, previously at the time of application of this form, Circular 27/2012/TT-BCA (now the whole country has issued CCCD with chip, so this Circular is no longer valid) stipulates: “The ID number consists of 12 natural digits, which are issued and uniformly managed by the Ministry of Public Security nationwide. In case of change or re-issue of ID card, the number written on the changed or re-issued ID card will still keep the same number recorded on the issued ID card. first time”.

In fact, the 12-digit ID card number remains the same even when people change to a CCCD card with an electronic chip.

Similarly, when changing a barcode CCCD card to a chip-mounted CCCD card, the 12 numbers on the barcode CCCD card will also be kept.

In addition, in case of changing from a 9-digit ID card to a CCCD with a chip with a changed number, people need to update and change their bank account information, passport information, social insurance book information, and notify the agency. tax, update information on red book and other related documents.

According to Article 12 of Circular 59/2021/TT-BCA, people can request the CCCD management agency where it is responsible to issue a certificate of identification number. Then, use the old Certificate of Identity Card to change and update relevant documents.

According to Anh Ngoc

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