iPad owners will no longer need to buy a MacBook

According to Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman, iPadOS 16 will bring a redesigned multitasking interface to help users easily switch between multiple tasks and view previously opened apps.

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In addition, the WebKit code indicates that the new iPad operating system will allow users to resize windows. Gurman believes Apple plans to give users new ways to work on multiple apps at once, more like a form of multitasking on a Mac.

The improved iPad experience will be one of Apple’s most talked-about upgrades at WWDC, according to Gurman.

Apple has long been hoping to use the iPad Pro to provide some light office or creative tasks to users. Therefore, Apple has worked hard to make the iPad Pro as powerful as the Mac, especially using the same M1 chip. Even so, the iPad’s software experience has lagged behind the Mac ecosystem – which makes the tablet less usable than a laptop or desktop computer.

If nothing changes, the new iPadOS 16 will be announced on June 6 as Apple gives developers a preview and works with developers to continue to improve the software and features. features on iPadOS 16 over the next few months before releasing with iPadOS 16 in the fall.

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