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It is dangerous to sit and talk on the emergency road

The driver tried to bring the truck without brakes to the emergency road, where two people were sitting and talking.

Public vehicle rushes to the emergency road

Situation: While going downhill, the driver realized that the brake was not working and communicated with the passenger. At that moment, the car ran to the emergency road. The driver pushed the driver into this road, honked the warning horn and tried to avoid the two people who were standing on their motorbikes talking outside. Luckily no accident happened.

Skill: The emergency road is a place for vehicles with problems to rush in, especially when the brakes are lost, to be able to stop safely. Vehicles entering here often go fast and out of control, so other people are not allowed to appear on this road for any reason, such as playing, gathering to take pictures…

According to the lawyers, current Vietnamese law no sanctions yet people sitting on the refuge road. However, safety is the most important issue.

The sign to identify the emergency road is a dead-end road, about 100 meters long, sloping up, often with sand and gravel to help the vehicle stop quickly.

Minh Hy

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