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Jang Nara’s bare face in her forties

Korean actress Jang Nara, 41 years old, is commented by many viewers to be young and fresh when she wears a bare face.

Follow Harpersbazaarmovie beauty Smart princess I don’t like makeup in everyday life. A few times during the livestream to exchange fans, Jang Nara only applied lipstick, leaving her face as natural as possible. On the actor’s personal page, thousands of viewers praised her for being young for her age, cute and fresh without makeup.

Jang Nara is not afraid to reveal dark circles under her eyes.  Photo: Weibo/Zhang Nala

Jang Nara is not afraid to reveal dark circles under her eyes. Image: Weibo/Zhang Nala

She said minimizing makeup to keep the skin healthy and clear. After each makeup, beauties spend a lot of time thoroughly cleaning the powder layer, avoiding makeup that sticks to the skin, long-term accumulation leads to acne, fast aging, large pores…

Having dry skin, Jang Nara uses moisturizer every time she washes her face. When applying the mask, she uses a warm towel to cover for a few minutes to open up the pores, eliminate the dirt inside, and help the skin absorb nutrients better.

Beautiful people focus on taking care of the eye area. She uses her own mask, applying anti-wrinkle cream. In addition to using skin care products, Jang Nara often massages her face, promoting blood circulation.

Jang Nara shows off her bare face in everyday life.  Photo: Weibo/Jang Nara

Jang Nara shows off her bare face in everyday life. Image: Weibo/Jang Nara

Follow SBS, despite receiving many compliments, Jang Nara does not think she is young. The actor said in 2021: “I have wrinkles, thin skin and am getting old”. Jang Nara wants the audience to pay attention to her acting rather than focusing on the issue of young or old.

She joined the entertainment industry in 2000 as a singer of SM company, then entered the acting industry. The beauty is famous through many works such as Smart girl, Stubborn princess, Clown love story… In recent years, Jang Nara has maintained her charm through movies Queen’s Dignity, VIP Guest, Exorcism Estate

Jang Nara in Exorcism Real Estate

Nara in “Exorcism Real Estate” (2021). Video: KBS

On June 3, Jang Nara revealed that get married with a boyfriend six years younger, working outside the entertainment industry. She wrote on her personal page: “His beautiful smile and sincerity, kindness touched me. He is also a hard worker, passionate about work. I will go with him for the rest of my life. We I will be happy, happy.”

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