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Lien Quan | Experience the new skin Tulen Tan Nien Guardian with FUNNY GAMING TV

Lien Quan | Experience the new skin Tulen Tan Nien Ve Than with FUNNY GAMING TV ► Webshop Link Sell Acc: ► Refer to this fan page if your purchased on the website Acc is having problems: NOTE: The above fan page link is only used to support people who are having difficulties with transactions, not for posting articles like “Sell Acc” or “Sell Anything”. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO GO TO THE WRONG FAN PAGE. 👉 YOU WANT TO BUY A REAL IPHONE 👈 CONTACT A.TANVOI 👇👇 ► A.TanVoi IPHONE webshop link: ► A.TanVoi phone number: 09.345.34567 ► Facebook link: “ Currently I only use the fanpage to post highlight clips and unexpected announcements Cut and announce burning in the channel. ”IF YOU SEE ANY FAN PAGE NAME FUNNY GAMING TV OR FACEBOOK NAME NGUYEN TRANG TIN AND SELL ACC GAMES OR ANYTHING IT 100% IMPROVE MY SCAM. Youtube:… ► TikTok Link: ► Link Donate: Link1: Link2: https :// TULEN’s rune set in this clip: Red Gem: 9v Magic Attack, Armor Penetration. 1v Critical Rate. Purple Gem: 7v Magic Lifesteal. 3v attack speed, movement speed. Blue Gem: 10v attack speed, armor penetration. ————————————————– – ———————————————- Copyright belong to FUNNY GAMING TV Copyright by FUNNY GAMING TV 👉 Don’t regret ❌ Make a very violent clip so don’t steal the clip and bring it back to help yourself to develop your own channel. EVERY ACT OF COPYING – REUP CLIP. WE WILL REPORT AND MAY YOUR ACCOUNT – CHANNEL – FB – FANPAGE BLOCKED FOREVER. #FunnyGamingTv #Tulen #TulenVệThần #TulenTânNiên #TulenTânNiênVệThần #TulenHỏaThần #TulenHỏaLong #TulenHỏaThầnLong #TulenThầnSứ #TulenThầnSứSTL #TulenThầnSứSTL79 #TulenMùa21 #TulenMùa20 #TulenLiênQuân #TulenFunnyGaming #TulenFunnyGamingTv #TulenLiênQuânMobile #LiênQuânMùa21 #LiênQuânMùa20 #Lienquanmobile #lienquanmobile #FunnyGaming #lienquanmobilefunny #funnygamingtv #funnygamingtvtulen


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