Liu Yifei’s beauty in the new movie was criticized

Liu Yifei plays the talented and strong woman Trieu Phan Nhi in “Dream of the Green Flower”. The audience evaluated her progress in acting, but her beauty went down.

Dream of Luc broadcast from 2/6. The movie by Liu YifeiTran Hieu leads the list of the most prominent web dramas in China. According to Vlinkage’s statistics, the film has more than 200 million views and achieved a media index of 81.36 after 15 hours of release.

According to Sina, Liu Yifei is the most noticeable face after the first 8 episodes of Dream of Luc . The topic “Country girl Liu Yifei” leads the top of the hottest keywords on Weibo, with nearly 700 million comments.

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Liu Yifei was criticized by many viewers for being fat when he was on the screen. Photo: Sina.

On the review site Douban, the audience commented on the beautiful and elegant image of the actress. Besides, there are also many people who think that Liu Yifei gained weight, revealing traces of age and less soft facial features.

Before the negative comments about the star’s appearance God CondorLiu Yifei’s fans think that this is an unreasonable request. The actress is 35 years old, can not keep the sweet beauty like in her youth.

In addition to beauty, Liu Yifei’s acting also became a topic of great interest. In the role of Trieu Phan Nhi, the actress was praised for her natural expression, having a variety of expressions in the emotional developments of the character. The media evaluated Liu Yifei’s progress in acting, less rigid than before.

Follow Sohu, the main actors Tran Hieu, Liu Yifei and Lieu Nham successfully completed the task of leading the audience after the first 8 episodes. Particularly in Lam Duan’s case, viewers still only remember her beauty, instead of acting.

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Except for Lam Duan, the main actors in the work have quite good performances. Photo: QQ.

Follow Mtime, Dream of Luc have civilized content, beautiful context and props. The minus point is the dialogue of modern movies, many words are not suitable for historical movies.

Besides, technique was also criticized for being careless in the scene where Trieu Phan Nhi (Luu Yifei) took a knife and ran straight at the robber. Instead of flying to the pillar behind the robber, the knife went straight to the man’s face but did not cause any damage.

Dream of Luc is a work revolving around the fate of women in the old society, the love between Trieu Phan Nhi and Co Thien Pham (Tran Hieu) – a boy who admires the talent of Phan Nhi. The film is a feminist film, set in the Northern Song period.

Liu Yifei plays Trieu Phan Nhi, a talented tea shop owner in Hangzhou. Trieu Phan Nhi has a beautiful dancing ability, combined with skillful tea making. She was kissed and raped by Au Duong Huc after becoming famous.

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The scene of the flying knife was criticized as unrealistic in Dream of Hoa Luc. Photo: Sohu.

Not wanting to accept her fate, she goes to the capital to seek justice. Here, Trieu Phan Nhi rescues two unfortunate women, who are facing the end of the road, Ton Tam Nuong (Lieu Nham) and Tong Tun Chuong (Lam Duan).

They went through many hardships and hardships, and together they opened a shop in Dong Kinh. From a small tea shop, in the end, Trieu Phan Nhi became the owner of the biggest pub in Bien Kinh.

According to Zing

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