‘Love also has reason, my dear’

Diva My Linh recently announced on her fanpage that she was infected with COVID-19 in the US. In addition to information about her current illness, My Linh also shared her love story after the noisy divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Head ended.

“These past few days, when I was free at home, I watched the news of the famous star couple’s never-seen-before breakup and smeared each other, only to realize how much wisdom requires love. I whispered: ‘You know, people often mistake love for an emotion, but I say true love is also rational! Don’t always trust your feelings, sometimes it deceives you. ‘.

At that time, I heard him say that, but I did not fully understand. Now that he’s lived half his life, he realizes he’s already ahead of himself. It is true that my husband is my teacher in every way! Love each other in both happy and sad times, up and down, rich and poor, weak times too!”.

Musician Anh Quan once 'taught' My Linh: 'Love is also rational' - 1

My Linh affirmed, Anh Quan is always her teacher in everything.

My Linh and his wife got married in 1998, at this time Anh Quan had a daughter named Anna. According to My Linh, Anh Quan is the one behind to help her flourish in her career thanks to quality music products, and also gives her advice on many life issues: “I was taught a lot by Mr. Quan, taught me everything, from music to life”.

In the program The old days were so chill, voice Ylang incense Once said, when she first got married, she and her husband also had some disagreements in their work views: “The two of them are young, so they argue all the time. Maybe everything is in agreement, but in art, it is quarrel.” SAfter all, My Linh secretly thanked that time because it helped her learn more about manners, music and everything to get along in complicated relationships.

After 24 years of marriage, My Linh – Anh Quan has always been one of the most admired couples in Vietnamese showbiz because of a happy and fulfilling life. Talking about the secret to keeping the marriage fire for more than 2 decades, My Linh said: ”It’s not easy! But it’s not too difficult. The trick is to think about the other person’s feelings in whatever you do. If one person gets angry, the other person should go somewhere for a while and then get back together.”

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