Lying on the floor in a row, suddenly increased to the ceiling

Closing the session on June 2, the E12 share price of VNECO12 Electricity Construction Joint Stock Company (VNECO12, code E12) stood at VND 18,800/share, up to the ceiling price of 14.6%, equivalent to an additional 2,400 per share. copper.

'Strange' stocks: Lying on the floor in a row, suddenly hit the ceiling - 1

VNECO12’s E12 code, after a series of floor drops, suddenly increased to the ceiling price. (Photo: VNECO12)

This is the 9th consecutive gaining session of VNECO12 stock, including 8 days of breaking the ceiling, with an increase of over 14% per session. From May 23 to now, E12 has increased by 203%, or 12,600 dong per share after only 9 trading days. With 1.2 million shares outstanding, the VNECO 12 market capitalization adds about 15 billion VND.

Notably, VNECO12 stock has just had a series of days of deep decline. According to a recent explanation of the stock hitting the floor price for 5 consecutive sessions from May 16 to 20, VNECO12’s management said this was due to the influence of the stock market. stock market in the country, most of the stocks fell sharply.

Although the share price increased strongly, the trading of this code was quite “sluggish”, averaging just over 6,000 shares per session.

VNECO 12 was established in 2005, operating in the field of industrial production, construction and installation. Main business is construction and installation of power grid systems and substations up to 500kV, power source projects, irrigation works, industry. The charter capital of the enterprise is 12 billion VND.

In the shareholder structure, Vietnam Electricity Construction Joint Stock Corporation holds the highest proportion with 65.73%, equivalent to 788,700 shares.

The report shows that, in 2021, E12 revenue increased by 31.5% to 55.9 billion dong, profit after tax was 210.8 million dong, up 130% compared to 2020.

Closing session 2/6, VN-Index down 10.9 points to 1,288.62 points. The whole floor had 123 gainers, 332 losers and 53 steady stocks.

HNX-Index down 3.6 points to 311.77 points. There were 56 gainers, 148 losers and 50 steady stocks on the whole floor.

UPCoM-Index fell 0.78 points to 94.32 points.

Market liquidity improved compared to yesterday. The total matched value reached 17,847 billion dong, up 7.66%, of which, the matched value on HoSE alone increased 4.4% to 14,782 billion dong.

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