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Painted ‘terrorist’ because her sister took out a black credit

Ho Chi Minh CityNgoc’s family, 35 years old, was painted because her sister borrowed money through the app of many black credit tapes and was unable to repay the loan.

Reported to Binh Tan District Police, Ms. Ngoc said that strange young men brought paint to the gate and in front of the house in alley 26 Vo Van Van street, Tan Tao ward. The reason may be that her sister borrowed money from black credit and was slow to pay, so they “frustrated”.

During the investigation, the police determined that Ngoc’s sister borrowed high interest from 3 different lines, including Bui Van Vuong, 30 years old. Unable to pay, she continued to borrow another loan to pay interest, and then fell deeply into debt.


Ngoc’s house was painted. Image: Nhat Vy

Working with the investigative agency, Vuong said that through, he had lent loans to many people in provinces and cities with interest rates of 25-30% per month. Particularly, Ngoc’s sister borrowed a total of 5 times and has fully collected the principal, the interest is more than 32 million dong. Recently, she borrowed more but refused to pay, so she painted the “debtor’s house”.

Another person also in Binh Tan district borrowed from Vuong 21 times, paid off, the interest alone is nearly 200 million dong.

Vuong is the leader of a group of loan sharks.  Photo: Nhat Vy

Bui Van Vuong – the suspect leading the group of loan sharks. Image: Nhat Vy

On June 4, Binh Tan District Police determined that Vuong’s loan was 5 times higher than the level prescribed in the Civil Code (not exceeding 20%/year), so he was arrested and detained for criminal acts. Lending heavy interest in civil transactions.

The police also summoned and worked with 30 people from 9 gangster-style debt collection groups with similar signs of crime.

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* The victim’s name has been changed.

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