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Phones can ‘steal’ these things without you knowing

Umbrella mobile phone helps life a lot, but in the process of using the phone, we lose many things that we don’t know.

The phone also has its flip side. However, the negative effects of phones often go unnoticed health Step To Health.

While using our phones too much, we lose many precious things without our knowing it


1. Facts concentrate

The phone makes you procrastinate and distract you from work. When you are working or studying, you often leave your phone next to you. And if a call or a text comes in…, of course you open the phone. And so the work you are doing is interrupted.

When the phone rings, we certainly can’t fully concentrate on our work.

2. The enjoyment of life

Phone prevents more enjoyment of moments. This is very important, because every time we go travel or enjoy a beautiful moment, the first thing we think of is taking a photo or recording a video.

Then many people want to post it immediately Social Network to get “likes”.

In the end, we only see and experience the most beautiful things through the screen.

One of the other harms is that the phone can put many people at risk


3. Taking unnecessary danger

One of the other harms is that the phone can put many people at risk.

There are people who crash their heads into power poles because they are too focused on their phones. Others get into traffic accidents because they are staring at their phones and not looking at the road while driving.

4. Social relationships

The next harm of the phone is that it destroys social relationships.

Imagine a family going out to eat together, but everyone is plugged into their phones without paying attention to the person next to them. It’s an image worth thinking about.

There are addicts phone to the point of not being able to leave the phone for a moment, according to Step To Health.

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