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Poppy Playtime In Real Life – Chapter 2: Statues

Noob Family is trapped in Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime in real life. They have to escape Mommy Long Legs who is after them. She has a new challenge for her called Statues! They must maneuver away from PJ Pug A Pillar or they will surely fail. You must use the new Green Hand on the GrabPack to defeat them. Is Huggy Wuggy still after them? They have a new friend in Poppy who gives them clues on how to escape. Poppy Playtime In Real Life Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze Poppy Playtime In Real Life Chapter 2: Mommy Long Legs Poppy Playtime In Real Life Chapter 2 : Wack a Wuggy Making PJ Pug A Pillar from Poppy Playtime 2 Statues (Behind The Scenes) NEW MERCH – Subscribe to our Channel: Our Vlog Channel – NOOB Family Vlogs Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram. com /noob_family/ We are the NOOB family! We are a team of five creating fun, energetic entertainment for all ages. Our specialty is creating unique, creative content that is engaging from start to finish. One of our top priorities is providing high quality videos for our fans to enjoy. #NOOBFamily #poppyplaytime #mommylonglegs


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