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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phone drops “to the bottom”, iPhone 12 continues to drop in price

Accordingly, the price of Galaxy Z Flip3 is only from 17.69 million VND depending on the dealer. On average, the price of a Samsung phone decreased by up to 1 million VND compared to a few weeks ago, which is considered a low price on this model.

At 24hStore and FPT Shop, Galaxy Z Flip3 is priced from VND 17.69 million and VND 18.99 million, respectively (128GB version).

At Mobile World, the product is priced from 19.99 million VND 128GB version, the limited edition “Flex Your Way” has just been released.

At Mobile Vietnam, the price of Z Fip3 is only from 17.99 million VND for the regular version, the “Flex Your Way” version costs 24.99 million VND. Buyers of the limited edition “Flex Your Way” will receive a gift set worth up to 11 million VND. The accompanying gift can be deducted directly from the selling price, the final price of the device is only 17.89 million VND.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phone dropped to

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 . phone discount strong weekend.

The representative of this system said that the price reduction of the Galaxy Z Flip3 is mainly to compete with other competitors in the same segment such as OPPO Reno7 Pro 5G and even Reno8 series, which is about to be available in Vietnam. Besides, this is also considered a move to “pave the way” for the Flip4 generation that is about to be released in the next few months along with stimulating the technology market on the occasion of the summer.

“Most of the customers shopping for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 are those who do not care much about product configuration, but prioritize convenience, uniqueness in design as well as nostalgia for the flip phones that “made” stormy” once on the mobile market.

Because it is a key product aimed at female users, the demand for image storage is high, so the 256GB memory version is preferred, accounting for more than 63% of the sales of the same series.

Thanks to overcoming the shortcomings of the money generation, Z Flip3 is also more well received by users, with sales 38% higher than the same period last year,” said a representative of Viet Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phone dropped to

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has a unique design.

Also this week, iPhone 12″ continues to be a good priced model. The price of 64 GB version is adjusted from 17 million VND to 15.99 million VND, 128GB version is reduced from 19.5 million VND to 17.99 million VND.

According to the representative of the CellPhoneS retail system, the number of iPhone 12 recently is very abundant, agents combined with the company and distributors have strong promotions, making sales likely to increase in the second quarter.

Similarly, iPhone 11 64GB version is only 11.49 million VND, 128GB version is 13.5 million VND and 256GB version is 19 million VND. Currently, the selling price of the genuine iPhone line is competing well with portable goods.

In the lower segment, Samsung Galaxy A73 (5G) is reducing the selling price by 2 million dong, to 10.19 million dong. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s 128GB version reduced by 1 million to 5.69 million. Similarly, Oppo A95 (128GB) about 5.99 million. Xiaomi Redmi 10 2022 (4GB | 128GB) reduced by 800,000 VND to 3.89 million VND. This is considered a move to stimulate shopping demand during the annual gloomy time of the technology market.

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