The car market in June is empty of ‘rain’, discounts and promotions

If last year, when the 50% registration fee incentive policy expired, car manufacturers were forced to launch discounts to stimulate demand, this year is completely the opposite. The scarcity of goods took place on a large scale, forcing most dealers to increase their selling prices, and some models were also sold beer with peanuts, which frustrated consumers. Right from the beginning of June, the number car Discounts and offers are only counted on the fingers.

Accordingly, the Vietnamese car company, Vinfast continues to maintain a discount of 140-160 million VND for customers buying VinFast LUX SA2.0 cars, 40 million VND reduction for the A-class model Vinfast Fadil.

The old version of Isuzu mu-X 2021 is also being discounted deeply to 70 million VND. Dealers are looking to stimulate demand, push inventory to prepare for the upcoming launch of Isuzu mu-X 2022.

After the discount, Isuzu mu-X 2021 is currently only 725 to 879 million VND, significantly lower than the listed price of the company 799-949 million VND.

The car market in June is absent from the

The old version of Isuzu mu-X 2021 is also being discounted deeply to 70 million VND.

In the B-segment sedan segment, Nissan Almera was announced by dealers to reduce 60 million VND. This is considered a deep drop car price is the lowest compared to competitors in the same segment.

The list prices of three versions of Almera MT, Almera CVT, and Almera CVT Premium are VND 469, 529, and VND 579 million, respectively.

Right after Decree 103 on reducing the registration fee by 50% for domestically manufactured and assembled cars (CKD) officially expired, big car company Toyota also made a move to reduce car prices, but the reduction only 15 million VND (in the form of registration fee support) for the Toyota Innova “evil car”. This modest reduction will certainly not be able to save sales for Innova in June.

The car market in June is empty of the 'rain', discounts and promotions - 2

Toyota Innova received an incentive of only VND 15 million.

In addition to the above models, up to now, the market has not yet recorded any other automakers announcing a discount program.

Meanwhile, the shortage of assembled parts is having a strong impact, causing some models to continue to be in short supply and be sold “with peanuts”, at least in June, such as: Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Creta, Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger, Toyota Raize, KIA Seltos…

Honda CR-V, after many months of deep discounts to around 300 million VND, now also “turns the car” to increase the difference at dealers. At some Hondas in Hanoi, customers who want to buy CR-V cars now have to buy an additional package worth 40 million VND, but the number of cars is not much and there are not many exterior options, only a few cars remain. Black L version.

According to the auto business world, the Vietnamese auto market in the coming time will have many complicated developments, sales may slow down when the ability to ensure domestic supply is still not available. improved.

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