The driver attended the party before causing an accident that killed three people

Bac GiangAfter attending a farewell party at his old office and using alcohol, driver Nguyen Duc Thinh drove his Audi home and caused an accident that killed three people.

On the afternoon of June 3, Deputy Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee Khuat Viet Hung visited the scene and worked with authorities after a serious accident in Bac Giang City.

Reported on the incident, Bac Giang City Police said that on the evening of June 2, driver Nguyen Duc Thinh (35 years old, residing in Ngo Quyen ward, Bac Giang city) attended a farewell party at his old agency and used alcohol. beer, sing karaoke.

The test results showed that the alcohol concentration in the driver’s breath was 0.604 mg/liter; Quick test without using drugs. When being detained, the driver did not show any abnormality, but the Bac Giang City Police still took a blood sample and sent it to the Institute of Criminal Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, for drug assessment for accurate results.

The car caused the accident.  Photo: Bac Giang Police

The car caused an accident on the night of June 2. Image: Bac Giang Police

The leader of Bac Giang Province’s Department of Transport said that Thinh’s driver, who had just moved from the Provincial Development Investment Fund, under the Bac Giang Department of Finance, to the Road Maintenance Management Board, under the Provincial Department of Transport, was approved by the provincial Department of Transport. one month and three days. The Department has suspended this officer from work.

On the afternoon of June 3, in a telegram sent to ministries, branches and localities, the Prime Minister assessed that the target of reducing the number of deaths due to traffic accidents had not been achieved, and there were still some serious cases. The reason is that people who violate alcohol content drive vehicles in traffic, including some officials, civil servants and public employees, typically in the case in Bac Giang city.

The Prime Minister directed ministries, sectors and provinces to request cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees, people working in the armed forces and the people to strictly observe regulations on banning alcohol consumption and set a good example. “If you drink alcohol, don’t drive”. The police department has stepped up patrols to control and handle drivers who have alcohol or drugs in their blood or breath.

Video of the Bac Giang accident

Traffic cameras recorded the moment when the Audi car hit a motorbike on the night of June 2.

Before 23:30 on June 2, driver Nguyen Duc Thinh drove an Audi through the intersection of Hung Vuong – Hoang Van Thu, Ngo Quyen ward, Bac Giang city, when he hit a motorbike driven by Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, 48 years old. accompanied by his wife Duong Thi Quyen, 44 years old and daughter Nguyen Thuy Duong, 13 years old. The impact caused the motorbike to be thrown up high, the three people on the car were thrown onto the sidewalk and died on the spot.

The victim’s family is in Tho Xuong ward, Bac Giang city. The three went to visit their eldest son, who was practicing in Hanoi, and when he returned, he had an accident.

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